My Open Letter to the Jets Organization: Offseason Disfunction.

To whom it may concern in Florham Park:

I've been a jets fan since I was 5, had season tickets for years only to be priced out, but still am a huge fan. I blog about the Jets, I watch them even when they're getting killed, and I go to training camp. This year was rough on you, but I have to wonder.... do you know what the hell is going on this offseason? Do you have a plan or a leader?

The season wasn't bad by any means although the media love to say we were. For instance, we did not threaten to go winless or lose a star player to a career injury. I'm not mad, or angry, I'm just disappointed. You see we were promised Super Bowls and parades, and basically were handed a prize of the 16th pick of the draft while the cross town rivals play in January. We finished 8-8, we still should have been much better. That's not even why I'm writing to you, I can live with that season. I'm wondering who the hell is in charge here, the players, the GM, or the owner? I mean lets look at the offseason and you tell me what should give me faith after this year.

First off, we had our "captain" and QB fighting the whole year according to sources and found out about it this offseason It finally boiled over with the captain being forced out of the huddle and sat with two minutes left WITH THE SEASON ON THE LINE. Sorry, I had to emphasize that for you, because this evidently came as a shock to Rex who thought everything was cheery. My question is why did we not have this fixed or at least addressed earlier ? Where was the leadership to quash it? Why was he a captain in the first place? Why was Rex so clueless . The Jets solution: Admit there was an issue Admit it was a bad choice to have him as captain. Blame the system of having captains and decided to get rid of them. Seems like a great idea right....just ignore the problem and it'll go away.

Then in the weeks after the season, Rex cries and asks for unity. In no particular order this happened: unnamed players (athletes without morals) throw Sanchez under the bus, LT goes on Showtime airing dirty laundry (not too mad at him), Damien Woody (I speak now because I need to get noticed) concur Sanchez was babied, and our 3rd QB (who has as much speaking privileges of a kicker) say the locker room was horrible. Once again: Why is the coach not getting any respect from the players? Why didn't Woody say anything? Why can't we be friends and just air it out in the locker room? Solution: Call the players out. Have a meeting. Cut the players. That would be too obvious, here's your solution: Claim changes will be made. Color me purple, Einstein would be pleased your not going to try it again with the same problems. At least this one makes sense. Want to know the biggest reason I wonder what's in the water in the Jets facility? Coaching.

What about the coaching? Offensively, we were clueless. Remember our identity as ground and pound? A physiologist would give up after looking at some of our game plans. Our QB was more confused than the defense he was playing against. The Jets solution: Let's make a huge press conference, and spend it talking up a coach that everyone knows will be gone. After much outrage and sarcastic laughter, a week later the order comes down: purge the offensive coaching staff including "forcing" the guy the Jets backed to quit. And now the guy that started Tyler Freaking Palko over Joe Flacco is back could be back Hell I don't know, and I wonder if the Jets know. And if you do decide to replace him, chances are you're hiring literally the only guy who could be worse. In addition, your replacement for the "quitter" was made the same night he "resigned". His replacement, his teams offense last year was awful, so why were we so quick to hire him? Seems like you guys aren't making any sound choices and just winging it. I mean how else do you explain anything you tried doing so far coaching wise? Talking up a coach only to get rid of him, hiring questionable replacements, and worse lying to the fans. So who is making these decisions, and where is angel on the shoulder saying this is a bad idea cause right now it looks like the devil is making every decision.

I'm not calling the Jets a troll yet, but your very close to living under a bridge and asking 3 questions. Please, before we go into the offseason, get it together (man). Start by having a well thought out plan and execute it, instead of trying to be cute. For all you've done Jets in 09 and 2010, it seriously worries me after watching you the last few months whether or not you can do it again or whether your going to end up a laughingstock of the NFL next year.

Just show me any signs of improving before the free agency spending period.

Thanks, and see you on Sunday in the fall.

----A very worried Jets Fan

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