Some thoughts on the offseason

Here's a random collection of thoughts i've had based on what i've seen and heard.

-Rex didn't seem too optimistic when asked about leonhard in his conference call. I have a feeling he won't be back. This makes safety and even bigger question mark heading into next season. It looks like we may have little choice but to draft one in the first, which means we may end up with Barron after all, which I can't say i'm particularly happy with.

-Cimini made an interesting point in a chat today: Sparano likes to have two powerful running backs to work with (like when he had Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams). Well, we've got Shonn Greene already, he's good. I don't think Joe Mcknight is really that kind of running back though, so we may actually draft a Running Back fairly early. Obviously a lot of us like Trent Richardson, but more realistic names for the second or third round include Lamar Miller, David Wilson, and Chris Polk. I still want pass rushers in the first few rounds, but I feel like one of those 3 names, or someone else similair, could be in green and white next year.

-Speaking of pass rushers, these other positions that have come up create a possibility of us, yet again, not taking a good pass rushing outside linebacker. Then again we finished 8th in sacks in 2010 mostly by just blitzing, so i guess they figured it wasn't a huge issue. Not the case this year, we finished in the bottom half in the league in said category. This will certainly be an interesting topic of debate: pass rusher or safety...

-Rex said in one of his interviews (i've lost track) that he expects some new backup quarterbacks, and that even though he doesn't see the need to light a fire under sanchez, friendly competition is always good. Looks like we're gonna see some new faces behind Mark.

-Rex also hinted at the need of a deep threat and praised Braylon. He didn't directly state intentions to resign him, but I'll take that, it eliminates another area of need. Although i gotta be honest, I'd like to see Nick Toon with us for the sentimental aspect.

-Rex said he really liked the kind of offense that sparano wants to run, since Tony gave him some info on what the offense would be like, including plays and verbage, and thought the team could thrive under it. I don't think Rex really ever wanted an offensive mastermind, but he wanted to establish a physical, aggressive identity. Sounds good to me, but it's still a bit of a gamble since sparano has little experience in calling plays.

-Rex mentioned that he tried a different coaching style, and felt like needed to be more of a figurehead, stereotypical head coach. He's owning up to all his mistakes, which is a good thing, we just need to get this team back to what it was in 09 and 10. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

-I can't wait to see what Wilkerson can do with a full offseason and nfl strength training program. I feel like he's gonna be a monster. Kenrick Ellis seems very promising too. anyone agree?

-Cimini also mentioned in his chat that not only would plax not be brought back, but he won't even wanna come back...honestly, I don't blame him.

-If Bart's on the way out, who's gonna replace him? No beat writer seems to have answered that.

-I would assume the team is doing Cortland camp again, which could solve some of the unity and focus problems we had this season. I think training camp is underrated. The players even mentioned that it just wasn't the same this year at the facility.

-Speaking of two running backs, Cedric Benson anyone? Just a thought.


Leave your comments and thoughts below, i encourage them.

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