Who are you going to root for in the playoffs?

Who are you going to root for out of the remaining teams? Or should I rephrase, who are you going to hate less?

People keep asking me who I want to see win the Super Bowl out of the remaining teams. I'm having a really hard time answering that and wondered how you guys were feeling. I admit that most of my feelings are centered around legitimizing the respective QB in the eyes of ordinary fans and how that would make me feel.

Patriots- Can't stand em! I want them to fall on their face, have their defense exposed and watch Brady cry. However, Brady/Belichick are already enshrined into the HOF so what's another SB win?

Ravens-- Hate them and their purple uni's. I can't wait for Ray Lewis to retire, and I'm so sick of hearing about how him and Ray Rice are friends...Who Cares?????!!! I hope Ed Reed's comments shot through that locker room like a Holmes cancer. And most importantly I can't stand the thought of Flacco (and that stupid mustache) winning. I would still take Sanchez over him any day.

49ers- Eh. Defense wins Championships??? Can the game manager Alex Smith defy expectations? I could care less about them and would hate to see Smith legitimized with a Super Bowl. He doesn't deserve it.

Giants- Screw em. I wouldn't be able speak to certain parts of my family for months if they won (they are so cocky). And most importantly it would put Eli on another level that I don't want him to ever get too. All the 'who is better Peyton v Eli' talk would be out of control. Just because Eli has another SB win doesn't make him better. The Eli-te talk would be so unbearable, I'd be puking multiple times a day.

With the Ravens and 49ers, I am split. I feel like seeing a 'game manager' type QB would prove that the Jets have a winning formula, however to see one of them actually do it (and not us!) is like nails on the chalk board.

I can't root for the Giants.

I HATE the Pats, but feel like them winning won't change the dynamics of the league. It would meet peoples expectations, not change them. But they are the Pats and I can't root for them.

In the end, I guess (and I just came to this conclusion) I'm rooting for the 49ers, because they aren't an AFC rival that I hate and I hate them least.

Who are you going with?

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