Simon Says: The Changes To The Jets Offensive Player Personnel Will Be...

It is going to be a long off-season. Anyone who has watched this team this year knows that serious changes have to be made to transform a bunch of me first, unexecuting football players into a team. Coaching wise the moves we have wanted will be made, with Schottenheimer and potentially other offensive coaches being the sacrificial lambs for an 8-8 season. But as we enter the cold, dark, nuclear winter that comes after a failed season, the Jets also need to take a deep hard look at the personnel, especially on offense and make serious changes. Here’s what they should do…

Get A Young Backup Quarterback Who Can Play

The Jury’s still out on Mark Sanchez. I think it is way too early to give up on a quarterback who went to two AFC Championship games in a row, but his performance this year should make people question whether he is a long term quarterback solution for the Jets. The answer to that question is still a long way off, but the Jets need to get someone who can both challenge Mark Sanchez every day, and potentially play and be successful. He was terrible this year, even though a lot of it can be blamed on a terrible offensive line, bad receivers, and an idiot coordinator, this is a quarterback league, and the Jets need to get someone else who can potentially play.

Get A Young, Fast Running Back.

I don’t know if Shonn Greene can really be a feature back. Sure, he had 1,000 yards and only fumbled once, but it was clear that the Jets totally went away from him frequently, even though the alternative was more Mark Sanchez. I think the Jets should revert back to the rushing attack of 2009-2010, when the speed of Thomas Jones was supplemented with the power of Greene in the playoffs. Greene by himself is not a bruising power running back. However Greene in tandem with a fast running back capable of breaking long runs, is a total change of pace for defenses, and works. Just look at 2009-2010. I know we have Joe McKnight but that is way to big a risk to take considering the Jets must revert to the ground and pound style in order to win.

Get A New Second Tight End

Whenever I see Matt Mulligan on the field I want to punch someone. His constant holdings and false starts brought a comical aspect to a very unfunny season. It shouldn’t be hard to find a better blocking tight end that can actually contribute to helping the offensive line.

Get 3 New Receivers

Plaxico Burress is a free agent and I would be surprised if the Jets brought him back considering his age. Given Santonio’s contract he will probably be hard to jettison, but in this ideal world, the Jets need a totally revamped receiving corps. The Jets need three guys to complement Kerley who are young, fast, can create space, and can get open down the field. The Jets receivers this year were an exercise in futility. I know John B. says it’s the quarterback’s job to hit receivers in tight spaces, but it is hard for an offense to be successful when the receivers never get open, ever!!! The amount of jogging and loafing around that Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress did this year was stunning. Santonio’s horrific attitude and inability to run hard and make things easier for Mark Sanchez means the Jets should really try to let him go, even with his contract. Plaxico personifies mediocrity with his inability to do anything on the field other then catch touchdowns when the Jets are in the red zone. A football field is 100 yards, not 20, and Plaxico never seemed to grasp that he can have an impact going down the field when the Jets are not close to scoring the red zone. The Jets need speedsters who can go down the field, and complement a reinvigorated ground and pound style.

Get 3 New Members Of The Offensive Line

Everyone knows how quarterbacks routinely treat their offensive linemen to lavish gifts. Well after the season they had, Brandon Moore, Matt Slauson, Wayne Hunter, and Vladimir Ducasse, should send Mark Sanchez a gift, if only to say that they are sorry. The Jets offensive line was horrific. They prevented the Jets from running the ball, they got Mark Sanchez killed, they ruined his confidence, and they caused the Jets, more then anything else, to lose their identity. The Jets entire philosophy doesn’t work without a great offensive line. The Jets have to upgrade this before they do anything else, the first domino to fall in the process of transforming the Jets back into a team.

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