The Future Of The Jets After This Off Season

As usual i was searching through draft porspects , mocks etc when i had an idea about the future of this team . The question i asked myself was " after this off season how will we be looking cap wise going into the future "

I checked the wonderful and found something very disturbing as regards to what lies ahead of us after next season . Next year some big contracts come into effect but for the first time in years we have a get out of jail card , because cutting some of these guys will save us a tonne of money in cap space and would easily make us one of the main players in FA when it comes along . But how will this affect our draft this year ?

The players that i think are not giving the team and fans value for money regarding their performances for their big pay check are as follows

Holmes, Santonio

He is due to earn a massive 12.5m in 2013 . Now after this season where he has quit on is team mates does he deserve this money ? Cutting him this year doesn't make financial sense but with that contract i think unless he redeems himself with the coaches , his team mates and more importantly the fans i think he could be surplus to requirement . Cutting him in 2013 will save the team a massive 8.75m with 3.75m in dead money .

Is he worth cutting ?

Cromartie, Antonio

Cro is another big earner in 2013 with a massive 10.75m due to fall his way . He had a decent season and has stayed out of the limelight but is he really worth that ammount of money ? I mean Revis is only due to make 9m .Cutting him will save us 8.25m in cap with 2.5m in dead money

Pace, Calvin

It just gets worse when you hear Pace is due to earn 11.57m in 2013 . If he was giving us 15 sacks a season fine but if we are honest , he isn't worth half of that contract . Cutting Pace will save us 8.56m in cap with 3m in dead money . Can we realisticly keep him on the team at this price and his age ?

Scott, Bart

Another guy who i don't think is worthy of his 8.65m contract he is due to earn in 2013 . He is getting up there in age and in now only a 2 down player at best . Cutting him will save us 7.15m in cap with 1.5m in dead money . Another guy who should be on the chopping block after this season ? i think so

Sanchez, Mark

Sanchez is due to earn 8.5m in 2013 and although not a massive contract compared to his previous years pay checks but if he is still not proven himself to be the QB we want him to be ,why pay him this much money ? If we cut him we can save ourselves 6m in cap with 2.5m in dead money . If he has a great or even an improved season he would be worth keeping but if we decide to go another route at QB then the 6m cap saving would come in very usefull

Hunter, Wayne

If the unbelievable happens and Wayne Hunter is still a member of this team going into 2013 he will cost us 4m in cap . I fully expect him to be gone this year but cutting him next year will save the team 4m with no dead money . a no brainer if he is still on this team

Smith, Eric

Another guy who i think has played himself out of a job this year . If Rex still loves him and keeps him for another year he will earn 3m going into the 2013 season . Can we really give a guy like Smith 3m for his play? no way . he need to be cut this year but if he is still around we need him gone rather than hand over 3m and a roster spot to this guy

I just was wondering what you guys think of the above contracts going into the next off season? Some of them are gonna kill this team and keep us in a position where we have to skrimp and save by looking for guys to restructure , signing low cost FA's etc etc .

Cutting all these guys will save us an amazing 46m+ in cap space . Just think what we could do in FA with that type of cap space . I'm not advocating we cut all of these players but it is inertesting to know where are cap lies going into the future and how dirrerent our team could look in 2013 .

Do you think the salaries or any of the above players will have an impact on how the team will approach this draft ? If history has anything to go bye then i would say yes . Will Tanny look at this years draft differently knowing how much he can save by cutting some of the above players ? Again i think yes.

Tanny as we all know is an accountant and looking at the ammount of money we could ponentialy save is going to make him want to draft players this year that would fill any holes left with players he could cut next year .

Tanny has been caught with his pants down last off season so i don't expect a repeat performance anytime soon . He will look at all the above player and their value/saving to this team and will want to have players ready to step in to replace them for the most part. He is not going to be able to do this through FA this off season so the draft is where he will look to bring players in as cheaper alternatives to the guys earning massive money . Having a year to learn will also help the team more if those highly paid players are sent packing so i expect to see some of these guys replacements drafted this year . After all we could possibly have 10 draft picks this year , so this would seem like the right time to do it . If i was GM that's what i would do .

I hope this post might make thing clearer for people going into the draft this year and the potential this team has to save money going into the futuure , leaving behind the off seasons where we don't have room to bid for that prized FA guy who can edge us over the line .

Thank for reading guys ,any feedback would be great ......Cheers

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