The ideal Jets offseaon. A mock draft and free agency .

My ideal Jets Offseason This is my first fanpost here. I’ve been here a long while following everything, and thought that I might as well do a mock draft and free agency predictions. I’ll do the draft presuming that we stay put at pick 16 and so on, barring any trades.

I’ll take care of free agency first, as it opens before the draft.

Free agency:

Jets resign:

Sione Pouha DT

Robert Turner OT

Aaron Maybin OLB

Pouha is really a no-brainer. Turner provides good depth for the OL, and Aaron Maybin could very well develop into one of our two best pass rushers on the team.

Jets sign through Free Agency:

Michael Griffin S

Demetrius Bell OT

Jason Campbell/Kyle Orton QB

Braylon Edwards WR

Mike Nuggent K

I feel that we have to address our safety issue through free agency, getting a starting safety in Griffin. His play has been spotty during the last few years, he will offer a substantial increase in play ability over what we currently have. I think it could be highly likely he comes to the Jets barring a franchise tag by the Titans, who will try to resign him. Bell would provide a starting right tackle for the Jets, so we wouldn’t have to address it through the draft. I understand that Right Tackle isn’t his natural position, but I’m sure that he would adapt adequately. Jason Campbell would be merely somebody to push Mark Sanchez along. I don’t consider him a threat to the starting job. Otherwise, Kyle Orton would be somebody that could help teach Sanchez and help him out. Amongst others on this site, I would welcome Braylon Edwards back to the team. He offers us a tall target, and the ability to stretch the field. I will address this issue in the draft as well, but I feel that Braylon would offer us a veteran and leadership presence on the team, which we also desperately need. A lot of people aren't high on Nick Folk as he has been inconsistent, and I agree. We might benefit in bringing back somebody like Mike Nuggent, or signing an undrafted free agent.

Now, The Draft.

Round 1, Pick 16

Courtney Upshaw, OLB, 6’1¾", 271, Alabama

Upshaw is one of the best OLB in the draft. This is an area where the Jets need to improve, especially in the pass rush. Upshaw will help contribute heavily in that respect.He is a great tackler, and will be a staple on the defense for years to come.

Round 2,

Markelle Martin, S, 6’0¾", 202, Oklahoma State

Martin is one of the best safeties in the draft. Everybody is high on Mark Baron, but he isn’t likely to be available after the first, so we need to find another player. Martin has top speed. He plays the ball well, and is very athletic. If drafted by the Jets, he will be a fixture on the defense for years.

Round 3

Nick Toon, WR, 6'1½", 213 , Wisconsin

It is no secret that the Jets need help in the receiver corps. I know that here a lot of people are high on taking a Wide Receiver in the first round, but honestly, that is just ridiculous. This draft is deep in WRs, and Nick Toon has the potential to be a top receiver. The Jets Organization is familiar with his family, as his father Al Toon was the Jets’ and League’s best receiver for many years. Toon isn’t as tall as some other receivers in the draft, but he has the top end speed that we need to stretch the field. He is a good blocker, and is a great receiver between the numbers.

Round 4,

Elvis Fischer, OT, 6'4½", 296, Missouri

Fischer played Left Tackle throughout his career so far, but scouts believe that he will do better on the right side. He is rated as an average pass protector and run blocker, but he is tough, and will give his all to sustain blocks.

Round 5,

Jeff Fuller, WR, 6'3¾", 217, Texas A&M

Fuller is a tall wide receiver, which is something that the Jets need. He has good hands, and can grab the ball in traffic. He comes back to the QB in scrambles and has the big play ability that we need to stretch the field. He has had character issues, but he seems to have matured some during the last year.

Comp Pick (Ellis)

Adewale Ojomo, DE, 6'3⅛", 258, Miami (FL

) I know some of you may be questioning on why I’m picking a defensive lineman, but I think that since we really need help on the pass rush front, it would be good to trying to convert a defensive end to an outside linebacker. Having an unusual name isn’t the only stand-out thing about Ojomo, as he is a good pass rusher. He is great against the run, a smart football player, can drop into coverage, and has a great motor. He is an all around great football player by his scouting reports, but from what I’m looking at, he isn’t ranked very highly. If his rank doesn’t increase after the combine, he would be a steal in the later rounds.

Round 6,

Tauren Poole, RB, 5'10⅛", 216, Tennessee

I believe in the philosophy of drafting a running back every year. You can never have too many running backs. Poole is a little taller and heavier than the average runner, but he is a power runner. He holds onto the ball well, and only has a single fumble in his college career. He has great vision, and always gets a few extra yards after an initial tackle. He seems to me like a poor man’s Maurice Jones-Drew, he should do well as a backup in the NFL, and can be a great running back.

Comp Pick (Smith)

Travis Lewis, OLB, 6'1¾", 232, Oklahoma

Lewis makes up for his average height in his great speed. He is a leader on the defense. He doesn’t have great pass rush skills, but he is an excellent tackler. He reads the play very well, and reacts well while in coverage.

Round 7,

Sean Cattouse, S, 6'2", 206, California

Safety is a big need still, so might as well stock up on them. Cattouse is a tall safety, and is considered the QB of his college’s secondary. He is pretty average when it comes to play reading, run support and cover skills, but he is a leader. Cattouse could be a project for us to develop, and could turn into a pretty good safety.

Comp Pick (Coleman)

Brian Stahovich, PT, 5'11½", 193, San Diego State

A good punter is a need, so I sort of just selected one. I wouldn’t really know which to choose, so I winged it. lol

Comp Pick (Edwards)

Cam Holland, OC, 6'2", 290, North Carolina

I pretty much randomized this pick. We could always use depth on the offensive line, so I picked somebody who could fit the bill. I don’t have the stats on him, but hey, I’m sure this pick will be hard to determine.

Please let me know what you think. Please comment on what you like, and what you dislike. If you feel that anything needs some tweaking, or otherwise major overhauls, please also comment on that too. I will probably do a revamped Mock Draft at the time of the Combine, so we have a better idea of where prospects stand. Thanks for reading!

My sources:

Free agency:

The draft:

(I have ESPN insider)

Compensation Picks

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