An Evaluation of Every position on this team

Well, the only thing on our minds right now is what positions on this team are going to be modified, who's gonna be drafted, what we're doing in free agency, coaches, etc. So, let's take a look at every position on this team and see where we may need to build, what we have and whatnot. Keep in mind i'm not a huge expert on college ball.

Quarterback: I'm not going into detail about Sanchez, there are plenty of other places to talk about that here. It doesn't look like Brunell is gonna be back, and O'Connell may not either. It seems rather likely that the Jets will bring in a backup via free agency to push Sanchez, someone like Brady Quinn, Chad Henne, or Rex Grossman. I don't think we should draft one. A rookie wouldn't be enough to push him IMO.

Running Back: Personally I think we're just fine with Shonn Greene and Joe McKnight. A lot of people have mentioned Trent Richardson, but I say we don't go there. We led the league in rushing with Thomas Jones and Leon Washington, Shonn Greene and Joe Mcknight are like younger clones of them. A lot of you say Greene has no hands, but guess what, TJ caught 10 passes his last year with us. He's gotten better at pass protection too. Mcknight is kinda raw, but has plenty of potential to be a good third down back (we've already seen what he can do as a KR). Bilal powell is kinda a question mark right now. I don't see us bringing back LT. If we're gonna draft one, I say it should be a later round pick just to fill out the depth.

Wide Receiver: This one's interesting. As much as we all hate him right now Tone will be back. His contract is too big and he's a good player, we just need to get him back to form, and get Mark and him back on the same page again. I feel like Plaxico probably isn't gonna be back. He's been good in the red zone, and he had that circus catch in the buffalo game, but that's about it, his best days are behind him. Kerley looks like a real gem. I actually kinda like Patrick Turner, he did well whenever his number was called, though he apparently doesn't have the speed to get seperation consistently, hence why Miami dumped the 3rd round pick so early. Either way i'd like to see more of what he could do. Many people have mentioned bringing back Braylon. I'm not sure if he'd be the same Braylon as before with the knee surgery, but i wouldn't mind at all. We can't afford a Dwayne Bowe or Vincent Jackson so enough with that (and PLEASE no DJax, he's even worse of a diva than Tone). I've heard many people bring up drafting Jeffrey, which i'm not so sure about, I'll have a better opinion after the combine. There are also many names brought up for mid round picks such as Mohamed Sanu, Nick Toon, Tommy Streeter, Marvin Mcnutt and Brian Quick. I'm not sure what exactly to do with this position.

Tight end: Keller's great, but this may unfortunately be his last season with us, since he's a free agent in 2013. we'll be getting Cumberland back from injury too which is nice. We need a new blocking tight end, mulligan is a penalty machine. Nothing a late round draft pick can't solve. Oh, Josh Baker is nice too.

Center: Mangold, we're good. Hopefully we'll bring back Rob Turner to back him up.

Guard: Slauson is solid, and Moore is still good, though he's getting kinda old. Apparently some of the younger guys behind him are coming along nicely, so they may end up replacing him in time. Not a position that I think we really need to address yet.

Tackle: Brick had an awful year, but he's still a good player, we just need to get him back to form. Wayne hunter is awful. We need to replace him Somehow be it via free agency of the draft. I say we bring in a veteran free agent that we know can play. Vlad is still a question mark, but i'm hoping that he'll pan out eventually. Idk much about Austin Howard.

Defensive Line: Sione's a free agent, and I hope we bring him back for a couple more years. He's kinda old but he's a great player. Wilkerson did a great Job given the lockout, and i feel like he's gonna be nasty in time. I got no problems with Devito. Marcus Dixon is a good rotational player. Idk about Ropati, honestly i didn't pay much attention to him this year. Kenrick Ellis is a project player, I'm not sure what to make of him yet. The veterans say he'll be great someday. I think we'll be fine at this position

Inside linebacker: David Harris is a stud. Bart's best years are behind him, and now he's really only an adequate run stopper. Not good in pass coverage anymore. Supposedly he may be on the way out, but i think we should keep him for one more year, since getting rid of him would create an immediate area of need. I think we should get someone in the middle rounds to grow behind him for a year.

Outside linebacker: Pace is good at run stopping, but is way too slow now to be a pass rusher. Jamaal Westerman had his chance, but didn't prove that he's worth being the full time starter there for years to come. Same with Mcintyre. Bryan Thomas probably isn't gonna be back, and I think this is the position that we use our first round pick on. We may even wanna double dip. I like Courtney Upshaw. There are also names like Whitney Mercilus, Melvin Ingram, Ronnell Lewis, Vinny Curry, and Jarvis Jones. Don't even mention Mario Williams. Seriously, WAYYY too expensive. Maybin was a nice surprise, I say we bring him back and keep developing him. Also worth noting is that we're canning our old outside backers coach and replacing him with the guy that helped Maybin back on his feet. I guess the FO finally realized that our outside backers were underachieving.

Cornerback: This is the best position on our team. Revis is one of the best ever, Cromartie is a top 5 corner that really improved towards the end of the year (he's gotten better at tackling too, he forced a fumble out of C.J. Spiller), and Wilson's a very solid nickel. If anything we can draft someone in the later rounds to replace Strickland as a dime. Or we could move Quice up, he's done a nice job on Special teams.

Saftey: Free agents and ineptitude galore! Seriously, something has to change here. Eric smith is awful, but he'll probably be back, and he's good on special teams. I'd like to resign Jim Leonhard, he's a good player on our defense. The problem is that we need a good coverage saftey opposite Leonhard, which we just don't have (I feel like Pool isn't gonna be back). Lots of names have been brought up in free agency, and I think that's the right way to go. Not a lot of really good cover safeties in the draft. Something has to change here, especially if we wanna compete with the patsies.

Kicker: Folk misses all the easy kicks, yet he's made some really clutch ones. He doesn't have a real big leg either. It's worth at least bringing in some competition.

Punter:Draft one, seriously.

Long snapper: Tanner Purdum is fine.

Leave your comments and critiques below

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