The Improbable Mock

First Fanpost so hopefully it's long enough, either way here we go... The post season woes have got me thinking about the offseason early, so here's my pre-combine stab at how to improve our team. First off, we'll talk about a few free agents that we should at the very least... consider.

**I should probably be working right now so I'll be using the for my synapses**

Dashon Goldston - a rangy, ball hawking FS.

Braylon Edwards - should really need no explanation, but here. I don't know if he'll be the same Braylon post surgery but I'd be willing to take a chance on him.

Plaxico Burress - dude has been great in the redzone, practically invisible between the 20s. With that said, I think we could benefit bringing him back as a 'Redzone Specialist'.

*I'm going light here because I'm unsure of our cap situation*

Draft Selections

  1. (1a)Courtney Upshaw -OLB- Arguably the 'best' 3-4 OLB available, I have my doubts that he'll fall to us at 16 but he'd be a clear starter day 1 at a position we could desperately use an upgrade at... worst case scenario he'd add depth which we are also currently lacking.

  2. (1b)Mark Barron -SS- A hard hitting Strong Safety that can cover a lot of ground. An excellent 'in the box' safety who's speed would be a welcome addition. Ideally, he would be Smith's replacement. (more of a 1b pick as Upshaw may not be available)

  3. (2)Markelle Martin -FS- A true 'ball hawing safety' and in my opinion, the best true FS to come out of the draft this season. I know it's crazy to double up on safeties but I consider it a 'glaring' weakness for a team who's supposed to be Defense 1st.

  4. (3)Levy Adcock -OT- A quality tackle who should be able to take the job from Hunter, once again at the very least it would add depth to an already depleted line.

  5. (4)Cordarro Law -OLB- Good combo of size and speed, could be a pass rushing compliment to Maybin on the opposite side.

  6. (5)D'Anton Lynn -CB- Good size and speed, would be a project to eventually replace Strickland. I consider this to be the *hometown pick as his father is currently our RB coach. (*see Scotty Mcknight)

  7. (6)Miles Burress -OLB- Another blitzing LB with good closing speed and awareness. Haven't seen a lot on him but his highlights sure do impress(they're supposed to, they're highlights)

  8. (7)Marvin Jones -WR- Once again, haven't seen a ton of tape on him but his projected size and speed look good. Freakish catches and looks to always try for the extra yard, very well may be Braylon 2.0 if surgery proves too big of a hurdle for him to overcome.

There you have it, I know I don't address much on the offensive side of of the ball but I honestly think our success not only thrives off of, but depends on our defense. What say you GGN, would you be content with this draft?

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