My take on our draft

Hey guys this is my first Fanpost in a while as ive had exams in university. Feel sick at how poorly we did down the stretch this year so Theres nothing for it but to look forward to the offseason. I will change some picks and such depending on the combine closer to the draft and may even involve a trade or two, because our GM is Mike tennenbaum.

I have not included compensatory picks until we know for certain what ones we are getting.

So here it is my Jets Mock.

1st round - Alshon Jefferey WR South Carolina - 6'4 229lbs - Dude was considered by many to be just as good if not better than AJ Green last year so what changed this year? a bad QB thats what happened, The guy bulked up alot too before this year and it seemed to slow him down a bit, I see him droppin 20 lbs or so and being the best WR from this class. We need a WR for Sanch to target. Holmes cant cut it on his own, hes more of a robin than a batman.

2nd round - Markelle Martin FS OSU - 6'1 200lbs - In my opinion this guy could turn out to be a great cover safety. He has excellent instincts and is extremelly smart in pass coverage. Not only this he is also a violant big hitter. Something Rex will love about him. Could be what were in coverage.

3rd Round - Bruce Irvin OLB WVU - 6'3 245lbs - The guy had 8.5 sacks on the year, but he was double and triple teamed on almost every play, he has an excellent first step and has a variety of rush moves not just a speed rush. He may not be available at this pick it can all depend on his combine results.

4th Round - Nate Potter G Boise st - 6'6 295lbs - Potter has been a very solid O-lineman in college protecting Kellen Moore, He is a versatile guy that we can either groom to be RG or RT if Vlad continues to struggle.

5th Round - AJ Jenkins WR Illinois - 6'1 190 lbs - Jenkins is a beast of a WR, he is projected to run a 4.4 40 and has over 1200 yds on the year could be a massive steal.

6th round - Donte Paige-Moss DE/OLB UNC - 6'4 260lbs - This guy was considered a first round talent before this year, the guy is basically an ass but he can play. Character issues and lack of production this year will mean a major slip in the draft and a 6th round pick is well worth it on a guy with this talent.

7th round -Randy Bullock K Texas a&m - 5'9 212lbs - First team all american kicker. Made 25-29 field goals. longest from 50+ yards. Could be a long term answer at K.

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