Interesting Mock Draft I Found

I am always looking at mocks, and I found this updated one just a bit ago:

Here's what it says (it does NOT include compensatory picks) with my thoughts on each pick:

1) Nick Perry, OLB, USC

My thoughts: As I have previously stated, I love Nick Perry. I would be extremely happy with this pick. It is no secret that this is a position of need, as the lack of pass rush is outstanding. We might be the best in the league at not having a good pass rush. Nick has decent size and pretty good strength. He has a nice rip move and is blazingly fast (projected 4.5 40 yard dash) with good acceleration. He also performed well versus good opponents (i.e. Jonathon Martin, the second best OT in college football this year). He had 9.5 sacks this year. USC has a knack for grooming linebackers and I think this kid could be something special.

Nick Perry 2010 Highlights

2) Zebrie Sanders, OT, Florida State

My thoughts: OT is an obvious position of need. Whether we address it in the draft or free agency (I'm looking at you, Demetrius Bell), it needs to be fixed. That is without question. By all accounts, he has good footwork, size, and athleticism. He has a good shot at being a good pro. He is a little infamous for this play, but don't judge him (I still don't understand what happened here...)

Zebrie Sanders

3) Nick Toon, WR, Wisconsin

My thoughts: Not sure if he'll be available here, but if so I will be happy with this pick. I kind of have an obsession with big, deep threat receivers. Toon is 6'2 and projected to run a high 4.4 (closer to 4.5 probably). He has good hands, uses his body well, blocks well, and adjusts to the ball well. He finished the year with 64 receptions for 926 yards and 10 touchdowns. These are not only good numbers, but he did it in a run first offense (running back Montee Ball close to 2000 rushing yards and 33 rushing touchdowns while also catching for another 300 yards and 6 touchdowns). Of course the Jets love his family as his father, Al, was a great WR for the Jets. I'm not sure that he can be a great #1 receiver, but he will definitely be able to produce at the next level and could one day be a #1 receiver. Other receiver options with this pick are Tommy Streeter (Miami) and Brian Quick (Appalachian State).

Nick Toon Highlights

4) Tank Carder, ILB, TCU

My thoughts: With the rumors of Bart Scott possibly being gone (I hope that doesn't happen), Carder can possibly fill in for him I guess. I really don't know much about Carder to be honest so I really don't know if this will work out. In the meantime, if Bart is still around next year, he can learn some things under Bart and help out in pass coverage hopefully. I think that at this time we could possibly get someone else who I feel would contribute more. This includes receiver Juron Criner (Arizona), pass rushers Shea McClellin (Boise State)/Donte Paige-Moss (UNC), and running back Isaiah Pead (Cincinnati).

5) George Iloka, FS, Boise State

My thoughts: If you don't already know, I really, really like George Iloka. Like, a lot. We obviously need safety help. Iloka is 6'3, fast for his size, did well in coverage in college, and can be used in blitz packages. He could be the missing piece to the puzzle, as he may be able to cover tight ends in the NFL one day. He may be pretty raw and not ready to step right in and start Day 1, but I think he will get there. I love this pick.

6) Dominique Davis, QB, East Carolina

My thoughts: Not loving this pick. In this round I want a punter (Shaun Powell, Florida State or Bryan Anger, California).

7) Michael Williams, TE, Alabama

My thoughts: We need a blocking tight end. I guess this will work. I'm fine with this pick. I also would like to draft a kicker so this may be the time to do so. I don't know any kickers so I will leave this to the Jets to figure out.


According to another fanpost by tinley24, we will get a 5th, 6th, and 2 7th. I have two ideas for the use of these picks.

1) Use them all. In the 5th, get another FS. In the 6th, get a kicker to go along with the punter we draft and then use the original 7th rounder on that blocking tight end. With the other two 7th round picks we would just take BPA.

2) Use them as trade bait. We can get another 2nd or 3rd rounder by using them (i.e. trade all 4 for a pick in the middle or towards the beginning of the 2nd or 3rd round). If we got a earlyish to mid 2nd rounder, we could not only draft Sanders, but we could also double dip on a position. This could be pass rusher Vinny Curry from Marshall to go with Perry (potential superstar duo of the future), WR Dwight Jones from UNC to go with our 3rd rounder Nick Toon (I love Dwight Jones and I think he could be a star), or RT Mike Adams from Ohio State to go with 2nd rounder Zebrie Sanders and let them fight it out for the starting position. The other can be a backup for D'Brick and the starter (great depth). Another guy we could draft with an extra 2nd rounder is OG Kelechi Osemele from Iowa State. He would provide nice depth and Brandon Moore is getting older. If we were to get an extra 3rd rounder, we could use the same "double dip strategy": another pass rusher to go with Nick Perry, another WR to go with Toon (i.e. Tommy Streeter from Miami, Brian Quick from Appalachian State, or Stephen Hill from Georgia Tech), or OT Brandon Mosely from Auburn to go with Zebrie Sanders and let them fight it out for the starting job, the other will provide great depth.

Would you guys be happy with this mock plus my additions??

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