Why i think QB is a need in this years Draft

I have been reading many things here on GGN all week about Mark Sanchez, from team mates calling him out , fanposts about weather he will get cut , lose his starting job etc etc etc etc .........

I just want to state for the record that i am firmly in the Mark sanchez IS our QB camp but things can change in the NFL for the better and the worse . I think we are all in agreement that we new to get a QB to replace Brunell but everyone seem to think the best way to do this is through FA . At the moment i disagree with this strategy for a few different reasons .

The 3 QB's i have seen that people want in FA are Chad Henne , Jason Campbell and David Garrard . Now any one of these guys are way better than what we have as a backup at the moment but have any of them ever done enough to make you believe that they can lead this franchise if Sanchez fails again this year?

Also FA QB's don't usually come cheap as QB is the highest paid position in the NFL . So what would it cost us to sign one of these guys in FA ? $3m ? $5m? All i know is they won't come cheap . We haven't that much cap to play around with this off season and i'd rather see that money spent on a FS that could come in and cover a TE rather that paying a guy to watch games holding a clip board for Sanchez .

There are not many good FS's in the draft this year and with the type of defense Rex uses i don't think any of them will have enough time to learn such a complicated system and be ready to start straight away .But FS seems to be a massive need in this draft and people will feel like the team failed if we don't get a guy with our first 3 picks . If you mock a safety in the 4th round or later i hear " that's too late to address that need " but in reality there is very little difference between the 3rd and 10th ranked safety in this draft .

I see the draft as a very cheap way to get a replacement for Brunell and add some competition for Sanchez going forward . We could Draft a QB in the 3rd or 4th round and his contract would be around $2.5m for 4 years( I'm basing that off Kendrick Ellis's contract ) about 1/4 of what it would cost us to sign a FA QB .

A FA QB would hold no trade value going into the future but a QB drafted this year could be potentially traded for a couple of high picks in the future .

IF Sanchez isn't the guy after next year i would rather have a young guy who has been part of the set up for at least a year and see if he can take the job long term rather than just doing what the jets usually do and TRADE for a big name guy or throw picks down the drain to trade up for their " new franchise QB" next year .

14% of voters on the poll on th GGN front page said they think QB is the biggest need this team has which is twice as many people that said OLB was the biggest need , so why are people so against taking a guy in the draft ?

We have a 3rd year Qb in Sanchez , a 2nd year QB in McElroy so why not add another young guy to that list for less money that what it would cost to sign Chad Henne's left leg .

Fell free to tell me i've lost it but i think going forward we would be better served rolling the dice with youth than overpaying for experience just to sit warming the bench on sunday's

Rant over lol

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