2012 Off-season, with a twist...

Let me preface this by saying that this post is my attempt to approach this offseason in a different way than most. I would love to see the front office take this approach, but im a realist, and know full well that they wont take this route. Anyways here it goes...

Coaching-First, I like the hire of Tony Sparano. I think he is a much-needed change on the offensive staff. That being said, they need to add Todd Haley to this mix. Sparano and Haley together will give us a solid, well balanced coaching staff, with a refreshing change of attitude. An additional coaching note, I am not opposed to the idea of hiring Chad Pennington as a QB coach. I think he could help Sanchez improve with reading and breaking down defenses, an area he struggles mightily now.

Cuts-There are a couple of obvious players from this years roster that should not be back next season. Eric Smith and Wayne Hunter are must-cuts. Bart Scott's time with the team should come to an end too. Hes getting old, his production is slipping rapidly, and we need some youth and energy in the linebacking corps. Gerald Alexander, Nick Bellore, and Logan Payne should also be casualties this offseason. They are eating roster spots that could be served with other postions. As badly as some people may want it, cutting Holmes is a bad idea. His cap number is huge, but more importantly, he has proven to be a very well behaived receiver when the team is winning. Plus Schotty is gone, which should help.

Free Agency-With respect to our own free agents, we should resign the following: Sione Pouha, Jim Leonhard, Plaxico Burress, Robert Turner, Marquice Cole, Patrick Turner, and Aaron Maybin. Most of these are obvious. Plax should come back. He loves New York, his family loves New York, and hes running out of years left to play. He is still a valuable redzone target, and for what it will cost, he is well worth the money. Plus, the last thing this team needs is another overhaul at WR. Lets give Sanchez a chance to build some chemestry with the same corps for more than one year.

The remainer of the free agents should be let go. I know a lot of people have called for Jamaal Westerman to return, but quite frankly he hasnt shown he can be an every-down linebacker, and hasnt lived up to the hype as a pass rusher. Its time to move on. Nick Folk is bad, and its time to find a suitable replacement. And for some reason Rex hates Pool.

As to who we should add from the outside, the list is short. I cant believe im saying this, but the Jets should sign Chad Henne to push Sanchez. He was Sparanos QB, and is also a division foe. If this doesnt light a fire under Sanchez, nothing will. Mike Nugent should be brought back to kick. Hes proven to be an above average kicker the last couple of years, and is far more consistant than Folk. Dwight Lowery should be brought back to help the secondary out, and Manny Lawson should be added. I think the Jets screwed uop by not signing him last year. He isnt much of a pass rusher, but he is a good all around linebacker, and well above-average in coverage; something this team needs out of a linebacker.

The Draft-Based on a couple of articles ive read on this site about draft picks, and with a little bit of guessing, the Jets draft should look like this: 1 first round pick; 1 second round pick; 1 third round pick; 1 fourth round pick; 2 fifth round picks; 3 sixth round picks; 2 seventh round picks. (extra picks from compensation and trades)I have us trading back to 22 (Cleveland from Atlanta). My theory is Cleveland takes Blackmon at 4, and Richardson is still there at 16. I dont see a need for the Jets to draft Richardson. We have 2 quality backs, and can pick a third up later in this draft. In this trade we give up our first, along with a 6th and 7th, and get Clevelands pick at 22 plus their second round pick. My draft order follows:

First Round-Luke Kuechly-ILB BC

Kuechly is the best inside backer in the draft. Hes the complete package; a smart, talented tackler who flies all over the field, and has good coverage skills. He would be a nice replacement to Bart, as well as give more coverage help. He may also be able to move outside, giving Rex some flexibility with alignment and personel.

Second Round (from Cleveland)- Melvin Ingram-DE South Carolina

Ingram is a great pass rush talent. His combination of size, speed, and experience in the trenches makes him the perfect fit as a rush linebacker in the NFL.

Second Round (47th)- Markelle Martin-FS Ok. State

Martin is a true ball hawk, who isnt afraid to get physical. He has the talent to start day 1 as a FS.

Third Round- Bobby Massie-OT Ole Miss

DJ Fluker is returning to school, and I cant see Mike Adams falling this far. Massie is a little bit of a project, but can help in the run game immediately. Would be a nice addition at RT.

Fourth Round- Trumaine Johnson-FS Montana

Can never have too much safety help. He is a true ball hawk.

Fifth Round- Cordarro Law-DE/OLB Southern Miss.

Big upside, low risk. Plus hes a pass rusher.

Fifth Round- Will Blackwell-G LSU

More offensive line depth is never bad, especially with Sparano at the helm of the offense.

Sixth Round- Jermaine Kearse-WR Washington

There is deep WR talent in this draft. Kearse is a talent who was hurt by a bad quarterback this year. Here is the WR help.

Sixth Round- Bobby Rainey-RB Western Kentucky

Has some talent, and may be a useful back to spell Greene and McKnight.

Seventh Round- D'Anton Lynn-CB Penn St.

Rex loves him some CBs, plus his dad is Anthony Lynn, the current RB coach.

Seventh Round- Matt Merletti-SS UNC

Got hurt halfway through the year, but has some talent. May be a sleeper for the future.

I know this has been kinda long, but I think its a bit of a change from what most people are projecting. Please leave comments below.

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