GGN Fantasy League Update

Anybody in League One should have received an e-mail from me to sign up for the league. If you did not, drop me a note as soon as you can. You will need to create a Yahoo account if you do not since Yahoo Fantasy Football is our sponsor this year. Please note I needed to fill in a draft time as a placeholder. We can discuss what time works best for the most people. On another note, our league will have to begin scoring starting Week 2. My preference would have been to start Week 1, but that just was not in the cards. The other leagues might have to do so as well.

There is absolutely no other orderly way for me to pass off six other leagues so here is my best try. We have had the following people sign up as commissioners.

League Two-Dana Feldman

League Three-Bro Namath

League Five-rexthejet

League Seven-rei34

What I need from the commissioners is to leave an e-mail address for people to contact them to get an invite into their respective leagues. You should know what league you are in. If not, I will repost league assignments under the jump.

Commissioners, go here to create your league. Since you volunteered, you can choose the settings for the league. If some people fail to sign up for your league, feel free to post a FanPost for new members. I am sure you will not have any problems finding people.

We still do not have a commissioner for League Four or League Six. If you want the job, sign up and leave your e-mail below. We cannot have these leagues participate without a commissioner.

If you want out as commissioner, let me know in the comments.

League assignments are under the jump.

League Two:

1. DCyanks21


3. MachlinT

4. bm01bath

5. pwangsta

6. JerseyGreen

7. anton11267

8. lupojohn3

9. revans

10. Dana Feldman

League Three:

1. Franchise216

2. Chezleite

3. tinley24

4. Bro Namath

5. Tamarack

6. arrowshockey16

7. GrendelKen

8. random122

9. mattjetfan

10. rapaben

League Four:

1. tanTrum

2. FeedTheRexKeg

3. michael28102

4. MrMartain

5. ghepburn13

6. romin

7. jdeklerk

8. Dekedor

9. shoot664

10. YankeesJets

League Five:

1. bwayjoe

2. Traveling Man

3. FrankG929

4. Vegas Jets Fan

5. newjetfan

6. Finhead83

7. TheSanchize6

8. rexthejet

9. Ross Cohen

10. shoot664

League Six:

1. jets2010!!


3. Glur

4. Jerrad p

5. Gua

6. 94


8. Timmaht

9. Aug Dogs 201 J.E.T.S.

10. blueandorange4life

League Seven:

1. tulawdog76

2. Rei34

3. lannie91

4. Count Shrimpula

5. joe110687

6. Grover10

7. Metsfan1289

8. Gang Greene 23

9. Clip Cat

10. Guy who e-mailed me yesterday (didn't leave your user name, and SBN guidelines prevent me from revealing your real name, but you know who you are).

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