A Day After: I Still Can't Believe

One of the hardest things about Jets losses, from a fans point of view, has got to be waking up the Monday after a loss. For some reason however the Jets 34-24 debacle against the Raiders left an even more bitter taste in my mouth then Jets losses of the past. In stepping back and taking a look at this game a day after, it’s still hard to not get emotional when you consider just how bad things went yesterday 10081601-large_medium


.I still can’t believe how Oakland ran the ball. One of Rex Ryan’s staples has been how well the defense does against the run. No one ran against the Jets last year, not Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, none of them. In looking at yesterday the searing defensive image had to have been Darren McFadden racing left, blowing by a Jim Leonhard attempted tackle, en route to a long rushing touchdown. McFadden rushed for 171 yards. That is a disgrace, plain and simple. All week we were inundated with "We are going to stop the run, stack the box, blah blah blah. In reality the Raiders ran right over the Jets yesterday. The linebackers couldn’t stop it, the D line was god awful, and McFadden had a career day. He is good definitely, but that is no excuse for the ground game domination that the Jets defense gave up.


I still can’t believe the jets out physicaled. Only two times last year did the Jets really get out physicaled. The first time was against the Patriots when they lost 45-3. The other time was in the first half of the AFC Championship game. To see the Jets get beat up so badly by the Raiders, a team that is on the rise, but a team nowhere near the talent level of the Jets, is stunning. The Jets got beat up all game long, McFadden and their O-Line killed us, and there were tons of big blocks leveled on Jets defenders. Offensively the Raider D laid out a bunch of hard hits, and killed our offensive line.


I still can’t believe that The Jets O-Line was so bad. I know Mangold was out, but that was no excuse for the unit wide failure that took place. The Jets offensive line was consistently beat by just the raiders front 3 or 4. The Raiders didn’t blitz a ton; instead they were able to generate pressure, while dropping linebackers and extra secondary men into coverage. Sanchez had nowhere to go, and ended up getting sacked 4 times, and hit a ton. The line was an inept failure yesterday, and at this point I have to question how good a lot of the younger guys are going to be. Slauson, Hunter, and Duccasse have all looked mediocre at best, and terrible yesterday. I know there are a lot of injuries, but still. The Raiders were able to play how the Jets played in Rex’s first season. They generated pressure with the line, pressuring the QB constantly, while also dropping enough men into coverage to ensure that there was no one for the QB to throw to. Oakland played how the Jets used to play, no doubt a winning formula.


I still can’t believe how bad Greene is. For the last two seasons know the Jets expected him to step up and blossom into a star. It is mind blowing that LT is still the Jets main target in the backfield, just because it shows how badly Greene has been playing. LT is still faster on screens, and Greene just has not gotten it done all season, most notably in his mail it in performance last night. At some point soon he is either going to have to take over, or the Jets are going to have to go in another direction. LT is not going to play forever and Greene needs to realize that he isn’t a rookie anymore.


I still can’t believe how bad Cromartie was. The Jets tried and failed to get Nnamdi from Oakland this free agent year. It is ironic then that playing against Oakland Cromartie would decide to show the Jets what they are missing in Nnamdi, and just how much Tannenbaum dropped the ball on that one. He was the worst, getting whistled for a bunch of penalties, some terrible calls, but others fair, and blowing the game with the kickoff strait from football purgatory. He is always to aggressive and played right into the raiders hands by going out for that ball at all. He blew us the game with that gaffe, and was about as bad as you could be in playing his position.


All in all it was really ugly yesterday. While everyone, myself included, overreact after losses, this was justified. A classic trap game and the Jets played right into the Raiders hands. They have two vicious games coming up, and they better rebound, or it could get very bad, very quickly.

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