Top Teams That Would Take Rob Ryan as Head Coach Next Season

We all know that when Rex says something will happen, IT HAPPENS.  Perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration.  What isn't an exaggeration is saying that if Dallas has a great year defensively, his twin brother Rob, the current defensive coordinator, will become a head coach.

Here is my current list of teams that will be in most need of his services and, let's assume defensive genius, as soon as possible:

Honorable mention:

Cincinnati Bengals – Considering he would have the enormous task of facing the Ravens and Steelers twice a year, it would be hard to take that defense and make it as good as it was in 2009, especially with fewer defensive stars now.  But let's face it, Marvin Lewis is practically on his way out (and hopefully by his own free will!)


Number 5

Indianapolis Colts – If the Colts can’t score points, it’s because Manning isn’t there.  If they can’t stop anybody else from scoring points, that’s all on Jim Caldwell.  If the Colts failure is blamed almost entirely on the Defense this year, I can imagine Rob getting winning the lottery and getting to ride Peyton’s last few years while building a dominant, young defense.


Number 4

New York Giants – Probably the best fit for Rob next to my #1, but a bit unlikely considering that the Giants staff is already filled with talented assistants with head coaching experience such as Perry Fewell and Kevin Gilbride.  If Coughlin is indeed done after this year (or even the next if he actually manages to get into the playoffs…I’m just kidding!), they will probably evaluate their own staff before looking elsewhere.


Number 3

Jacksonville Jaguars – Jack del Rio will be on his way out without a playoff appearance this year.  Not a tall order considering no Peyton Manning keeping him down, but still a bit unlikely considering the strength of their schedule and lack of an established QB.  There would be a lot of work considering how below average the defense currently is, but many people said the same thing about the Jets before they discovered who David Harris was.  And before Darrelle Revis became DARRELLE REVIS.


Number 2

Houston Texans – Already making the transition to a 3-4 will be a great start.  Perhaps a bit awkward with Wade Phillips around, since he’s now the boss of one of the men he replaced in Dallas.  Having a fantastic LB corps with Cushing, Demeco Ryans, and Mario Williams (I suppose?) will give the Texans an almost unbeatable defense.


Number One after the jump

And the Number One team that would be most likely to hire Rob Ryan:





The most likely and dangerous possibility - so long Tony Sporano! Even now the defense has a young and very serviceable line-backing corps and what is now (foolishly) considered a top cornerback tandem.  Not to mention the added benefit of being able to play against his old boss Bill Belichik and his brother twice a year – this would be an almost perfect fit in my opinion.  Who knows?  If they play as well as they did on Monday Night, Rob might get "Luck-y" and draft a good player to build his offense around.  I've heard there's this Stanford quaterback who might be kind of good...


Well, there it is.  Leave your thoughts, and hopefully agreements with my analysis, below.

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