5 Good, 5 Bad and 1 Ugly Thing from last night

Last nights game left me with a different feeling, not the type of feeling i usually have after the Jets pull out a win but an uneasy feeling about the state of our team. I am overjoyed that we won the game but at the same time I cannot see the stars aligning week in and week out over the course of the season if some major changes do not occur.

Heres the Good...

1. Darelle Revis was targeted 11 times and gave up 2 receptions ( 1 to Dez for 26 yds and 1 to Ogletree for 7 yards) , also Revis had a Interception on a pass intended for Dez that setup the Jets game winning FG.

2. Bart Scott seemed to be everywhere, he was in the backfield blowing up plays most of the night and finished the game with 8 Tackles and 1 Sack.

3. Kyle Wilson looked pretty good in coverage, he showed us great improvement from last year where he was often penalized for P.I., he looked like he had a good idea where the ball was and made a play on the reciever like he should.

4. Mark Sanchez actually looked like an NFL QB, i was pleasantly suprised to see him sling it 44 times and come out of that game with 60% completions,I'm sure he would have had a couple more completed passes if wasnt for some miscommunication on some routes that Plax and Mason were supposed to be running ( I saw Sanchez throw a Quik Slant and Plax never moved off the line as if he were expecting a WR Screen, those plays are all timing and Plax was supposed to be in a certain spot but wasnt, resulting in incompletions..also Mason didnt look comfortable to me at all, especially in the endzone where a pass went right through his hands)

5. Our Special Teams in general and especially Joe Mcknight who made the play of the game by getting his hand in for the Punt Block that allowed Trufant to score a TD and tie the game for us, Nick Folk did a superb job on Kickoffs, he was credited with 4 Touchbacks but his most impressive work was where it mattered most, on FGs..Folk made a 34 yarder in the 2nd qtr and came on to drive home a huge 50 yarder to win the game for us with the weight of the world on his looks as if hes made great strides from his innacurate 2010 season.


The Bad...

1. Antonio Cromartie couldnt cover Dez at all, sure he had the speed to keep up with him but he looked out of position on alot of plays and overmatched, his Kickoff returns were feeble and he even got robbed of an Interception that he had BOTH hands and arms craddled around, lets hope he makes some adjustments or this will be a long season.

2. Shottys gameplan wasnt balanced at all, maybe he thinks we hired Peyton Manning instead of Tom Moore because what i saw was a team that didnt even try and establish the Run game that has led to most of our success over the past 2 seasons, I know this is a Passing league but we need at least 45% of our plays dedicated to the Run.

3. Eric Smith always looked as if he were in the trailing position while the guy he was chasing had a 5 yard lead on him, that should NOT happen to a Safety, i have to wonder why Brodney Pool isnt our starter, Pool is faster and also lays the wood...we seriously need to address this situation.

4. Not getting Keller involved until almost Halftime was mind boggling, also not getting Plax involved until the 3rd qtr just made me shake my head. Those are the 2 players we have that consistently create mismatches ( Plax is 6'6 and Keller is faster than most LBs), we need more plays dedicated to those guys.

5. Calvin Pace, i know he had 3 tackles and a sack but he is a liability in coverage and he doesnt really have the speed needed to be a true OLB Pass Rusher, I lost count of how many passes he let get completed..for a LB I believe you need to be superb in 1 of 2 things( Rushing the Passer or Great Coverage Skills) and Pace isnt superb in either of them.


The Ugly...

Jets Rushing not going to try and sugar coat this at all simply because there is no way to do that in this situation,the Jets sucked last night whenever we tried to get the ground game going, it seemed like our entire O Line forgot how to run Block and didnt give our Backs any holes to go through and even when there was a small gap to hit, we just didnt hit it..gaining under 3ypc and less than 50 yards the entire game, this MUST change if we are going to be a successful team this season.

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