The Jets are BETTER than the Patriots..Part 2.

Ok, my eyes started to bleed trying to read almost 775 posts on the original thread created by Nikolai so i decided  that we needed another thread to base our argument out of FACTS that cannot be argued, or if they are argued you must please provide FACTS to back up your case..

Lets start off with our Running Game vs the Pats Run Game

NY Jets 2,374 yards 4.4 avg ... 4th BEST in the NFL

NE Patriots 1,973 yards 4.3 avg...9th BEST in the NFL

Jets Win this argument hands down



NY Jets ranked 3rd in NFL

NE Patriots ranked 25th in NFL

The Jets ranked 3rd against the Run and 6th against the Pass

The Patriots ranked 11th against the Run and 30th against the Pass Bart Scott famously exclaimed after beating the Pats in the Playoffs "THEY CANT STOP A NOSEBLEED!!"

Jets Win this argument also


Special Teams

With the new Kickoff rule the League has imposed, it will be harder to judge how well either teams Kickoff returns will be this season, but as far as Special Teams coverage goes, i believe the Jets have the better all around unit, we blocked a few punts last year and i dont see that changing this season, we are agressive, i will take Mike Westoff over Scott O'Brien anyday.

Jets Win this area



The tandem of Revis & Cromartie helped produce the 6th BEST Pass defense in the NFL last season, they are back again and I see no reason for any regression in this area.


Patriots were 30th in the league against the Pass, up and coming CB Mcourty played good last year but the Pats need someone else to step up and make plays too, i dont see much of a change this season, they may finish 20th against the Pass.

Jets Win this



It would be boneheaded for anybody to say they have a better coach than Bill Belichick, I dont even think Rex Ryan would be bold enough to make that statement, but i will say that since Rex has become the Jets coach, he  boasts a winning record vs Belichick in head-to-head matchups and currently holds a 3-2 advantage over him..

This is a Tie...until Belichick can consistently beat Ryan or Vice Versa



Tom Brady is going to the HOF, Mark Sanchez is entering his 3rd season but Sanchez does have a winning record vs Brady (3-2) Manning (2-1),Rivers(1-0)...this is a no brainer, Brady wins this flat out, but time will tell if Sanchez is the real deal, from the improvements we have seen from Mark over these last 2 years, we Jets fans have alot to look forward too.


Pats win this


..........OK, i just basically summed up why the Jets are better than the Pats, if you agree or disagree please post below :)

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