Jet's 2011 Rookie Projections

As the season nears it's becoming clear that the Jets are going to be more dependent on the younger players.  Gone are Old Vets (Ellis, Cotch, Price) and in are the new generation of Jets.  Last year's draft class disappointed with Wilson being demoted to the #4 CB spot (I think he'll improve greatly this season) and Ducasse struggling to pick up the speed of the NFL game.  It's safe to say that we're going to need a stronger contribution from this year's class and I have to say I'm optimistic with Wilkerson already named starter at DE and Kerley garnering praise from both players and coaches.  Below I'm going to take a shot at what I expect from our rookies this upcoming season.

ROUND 1 PK 30 Muhammed Wilkerson (DL)-  I have to say I'm already excited about this guy and in Rex's aggressive defense he could be a force.  His size and athleticism will allow Wilkerson to move all around the line, the guy is the definition of versatile and expect Rex to use that to his advantage.  Expect Wilkerson to start the entire year have a few rookie games but ultimately expect a rookie who will be looking to wreak havoc for years to come.

Projections: 37 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 2 FF, 1 F. recovery, 8 TFL


ROUND 3 PK 194 Kenrick Ellis ( in dominating landmass)-  Ok so as a community we all wanted us some Kenrick once we saw the video and scouting report (props to Crack).  So what do we expect from Ellis? Pouha will still be the starter; but expect Rex to turn Ellis loose on passing downs at DT or move him wide to DE.  Remember when Rex blitzed Jenkins from the linebacker spot? Ellis is athletic enough to do the same thing.  Ellis will play a good amount of snaps, won't be sent to jail, and will have some monster, monster, monster plays.  His rawness will show, but expect a very good rookie season from Ellis.

Projections: 29 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 3 FF, 7 TFL


ROUND 4 PK 126 Bilal Powell (RB) -  Expect Bilal's role to that of the 2010 Joe Mcknight...minus the vomiting.  Powell will get his carries by A.) having another RB injured or B.) garbage carries.  Regardless, don't expect much of Powell until next season when L.T is most certainly gone.  Then you can expect Greene, doses of Powell, and then Mcknight as the 3rd down back.

Projetctions: 12 carries, 49 yards, 1 TD


ROUND 5 PK 153 Jeremy Kerley (WR)- "I don't really see anybody being able to cover him in the slot one-on-one".  When a future HOF (LT) says that you know you started off on the right foot.  The praise hasn't stopped there, Sanchez has called him a "baller" and Rex believes "he has a chance to be special".  Regardless, if you've watched this kid you know he's really talented along with being freakishly athletic.  In Westy's scheme expect him to win the returner battle and having great success on returns.  From the get-go Kerley will be dynamite on special teams.  As a reciever I believe he'll have modest success as well, especially with news that Mason and Burress will be alternating, or whatever, I don't know what to call it.  Kerley has the prototypical size, athleticism, and route running ability to be a good option in the slot.

Projections: 36 catches, 426 yards, 3 receiving TD, 1 KO return TD


ROUND 5 PK 208 Greg McElroy-  Well I hope he doesn't play significant minutes this year or we're in big trouble.  But expect an accurate showing in the preseason, but not enough to move Brunell from the # 2 QB position.  Not much else to be said here.

Projections: Any time an announce says Alabama expect a shot of him otherwise don't expect a lot of stats.


ROUND 7 PK 227 Scotty Mcknight- Despite being a childhood friend of Sanchez's expect him to have a tough going having initial success with the team.  No matter what he's behind 4 receivers (Holmes, Burress, Kerley, Mason).  Although it's tempting to say he'll be on the PS.  I think Mcknight will beat out Logan Payne and be our # 5 receiver.

Projections: 7 catches, 54 yards

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