It's time to settle the Josh Freeman/Mark Sanchez debate

ESPN released John Clayton's NFL quarterback ratings today, and usually I can agree with most of what is said, until today. I have held my disagreement's inside of me for long enough and it's time this has ended. I do not believe Josh Freeman is a better quarterback than Mark Sanchez. Here is what Clayton said of Freeman in the article:

13. Josh FreemanTampa Bay Buccaneers

Analysis: He posted enough numbers to graduate into the elite level. He has a 63.5 QBR. Scouts Inc. placed him in the top 200 players, 13th among quarterbacks. He generated six fourth-quarter comebacks last season. He completed 61.4 percent of his passes with a young, unheralded receiving corps.

Arrow is pointing: up

While I will agree that Josh Freeman had a solid season last year, there is no way he should be placed ahead of Sanchez. In my opinion, the Bucs 2010 schedule was a major factor in their success last year. They only beat a team with a winning record ONCE, and that was week 17 against the Saints, who were possibly holding their starters for the playoffs. They lost their 5 other games against teams with winning records. They went 9-1 against teams with losing records. Honestly, if the Jets had that schedule last year, they could have gone at least 12-4. Now here's what Clayton had to say about Sanchez.

17. Mark SanchezNew York Jets

Analysis: We all know and applaud his four postseason victories and how his numbers and performances are better in the postseason than the regular season. Still, he's a 54.8 passer who has to work with older receivers Derrick Mason and Plaxico Burress and an offensive line that has question marks.

Arrow is pointing: flat

The way he talks about his post season performances, it makes it sound cute how he did. Sanchez is better where it counts. I understand Freeman's stats were better last year, but I point to the schedule again. To say that Sanchez's "arrow" is point flat is ridiculous. Sanchez has so much more potential and will make a huge step this year. 

Some of you will most likely disagree with me on this, but it is time people stopped putting Josh Freeman up on a pedestal. Mark Sanchez is without a doubt a better quarterback than Josh Freeman. It is time people started to realize that.

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