What I learned this weekend

First post in quite some time, but just got a few thoughts I like to share.

Not so fast on the Freeman > Sanchez talk

All I hear is how Josh Freeman is a better QB then Mark Sanchez. I admit he had better year and I also admit the Bucs had probably the easiest schedule in the league last season. The played the two west division, the AFC and NFC west divisions, probably the two worst divisions in football. Now I'm not hating, I think Freeman is gonna be a good QB. However, he has regressed greatly this season, so really waiting to see who will have the better year between the two this season.

The Pats have trouble with physical teams.

If you looked at their last three playoff losses, the Pats have lost to teams that were more physical at the point of attack, IE. Giants, Ravens, Jets. Their lost to Detroit this weekend, even though only preseason showed they will still struggle against teams that are designed to hit them in the mouth.  However, I will agree, I think they own the Steelers. Also, their defense looked like it couldn't stop a nosebleed against the Lions. Had to get that in. 

Speaking of the Lions,

I'm dying to see how their season will turn out, because while they have probably the best D-line in football, what happens when they face an elite O-line that slows them down. Last I check their corners suck. Mathew Stafford is > then Mark Sanchez, hence him being the number one pick that season, but can he stay healthy?

The Steelers look like they are the best team in the AFC right now.

Well on offense, Big Ben and his receivers look very fluid as their #1s beat up on the #1s of two pretty good teams, Atlanta and Philly. However, the Steelers are still weak on the back end on defense. Which is why the best way to beat them is to throw the ball.

Based on preseason the Jets defense looks like it will be as good or better then their 2009 season.

Thats not really a promising statement. However, the Jets are probably the only team on the planet that can slow down and at times stop these high flying teams of the NFL.. Strong statements, but I can back it up with recent results. Remember when Green Bay shut the Jets out. What no one is talking about is how the Jets held Arron Rodgers without a touchdown that game. That game was 3-0 entering the forth quarter. What about the game against the Saints, the year they won. The defense held them o 10 points, however, Sanchez gave the Saints 14 points and the Jets lost 24-10. Their wins against the Pats and playoff win against the Chargers proves this defense has the potential to be great. ONLY, if Rex continues to keep these high power teams guessing by switching coverage and not always staying in man to man D. I do believe teams will run on them early in the season because I feel the D-line is not as stout as last seasons, but younger and will get better. One thing that looks better is the pressure being applied to QBs this preseason. I know people want SACKS, however, I rather have turnovers and I believe pressure is better then SACKS because pressure forces rushed throws and so far this preseason we have witness how pressure is gonna improve the interception total from last season. However, a sack fumble is just as good. Lets face it the Jets don't have that 10-15 sacks a season guy, but I do believe Calvin Pace is good for 8-10. From what I witness Westerman, Mauga, and maybe Maybin have shown glimpses of explosion and you never know, maybe one of them becomes that double digit sack guy. With this said, I believe this defense will be great this season.

I'm not ready to say the same thing about the offense

The offense has potential, but I've heard they have struggled all preseason. Of course going against the Jet defense, has a lot to do with that. Still can we honestly say Sanchez has chemistry with Mason and Plax. Right now, it doesn't looked like it. Also, haven't seen the same running holes we seen when  Big Woody was on the O-line. Right now I feel the Jet offense is a work in progress. I hope they prove me wrong.  

Thanks for reading, comments are welcome!!

Oh yeah! there's something I would like to try with GGN Jet fans. I want this website to be more like a prestigious club we all are a part of. So I have an ideal that would separate us from other SB nations blogs. Instead of writing lol(Laugh out Loud) when you see something funny, how bout LOJ (Laugh out Jet), or JOL (Jet out loud). Lets take a vote on it.  

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