The Day in Camp 8/3/11

Spent today at Jet's camp. A few observations. First, you couldn't tell much. Practice was in uppers only. There was a brief full team scrimmage and an extended 7-on-7. I was in a position to observe mostly the offensive work,

During  the scrimmage and 7-on-7's, the bulk of the work at QB went  to McElroy and Wills.  Sanchez looked fine and McElroy was pretty good for a rookie who the experts were so down on. IMHO, he looked better than Clemens or Ainge ever looked during the last couple of years. I think talent-wise this may turn out to be an upgrade at the back-up QB spot.

Next, with Holmes, Burress and Cotchery all on the sidelines the other wide receivers on the roster got plenty of work. We better hope that Burress still has it because if he doesn't the position is going to be an issue. Kerley and McKnight look like keepers, but they're rookies. I think Turner's days on the roster are numbered unless he steps it up. Logan Payne might make the team if they keep 6 at the position.


On the O-line Robert Turner was missing. That right tackle position is going to be an issue. The Jets have good size on the line but rookie Jeff Willis is an unaturally huge human being. Taylor Boggs and Tom Ottiano, who are pretty big guys, looked like high school kids next to the other lineman.

Shonn Greene, Joe McKnight and Bilal Powell got the reps at RB. Tough to tell in a no contact setting, but Greene and McKnight both caught a couple out of the backfield in drills. The Terminator was definitely no in his element today since he couldn''t really pound anyone.

At TE, Cumberland looked good catching and in blocking drills. Keller barely practiced blocking technique. Mulligan looks good. I think that will be their three here.

Nick Folk was also on the sidelines today with the other "new contract" players . Punter T.J.Conley and Kicker Nick Novak put on a kicking display before practice. Novak can both punt and kick as he put a few between the uprights from 50 yds. out. as well as boomed a few punts .  He has a real strong leg. Conley looked good kicking directionally and for distance and dropped several punts inside the 5. 

The Jets look good at QB, RB (provided they're comfortable with only one FB) , & TE. On the O-line, they need to settle RT and find some back-ups. WR is still an issue with everything after Holmes a question mark at this point. The Jets will need Burress and one of the rookies to pan out here. Conley & Folk should be just fine at P & K.

Attending practice at Florham Park wasn't bad. Plenty of parking. A modest walk to the facility. You have to stand as there is no seating and you need to pick your spot wisely based upon which field will see the bulk of the work. The crowd was two or three deep around the field until the rain started. (Scrimmage and 7-on-7's were on the middle grass field today). The Jets run practice by the clock. Each session is timed on the scoreboard and they keep to the schedule within a minute or two. They also had a crew of real game officials today. They spent a lot of time joking with Rex who appeared to keep them entertained.

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