Do we make a move in the Supplemental Draft

                            With the supplemental draft coming up this Monday I feel there is opportunity to upgrade talent on this team. There is of coarse quarterback Terrelle Pryor which has no spot for him with the Jets, maybe somewhere else in the AFC East perhaps Dolphins or Bills. Also former Georgia running back, and former top RB prospect Caleb King. With that spot on our depth chart being fairly full I cant see dropping a pick even for the very talented RB who did flop in college. The other 4 prospects are


#1 - North Carolina defensive end Michael McAdoo
 I truly want ths guy, I cant find any film but he stands 6'6'' 248lbs, in two years he had 29 tackles, 10 tackles for loss and 3.5 sacks.Considering the depth in front of him Robert Quinn, Quinton Coples, Donte Paige-Moss, I'll take the word that he has shown flashes of being a pass rusher. It is truly hard to see the field when you look and see at the same time you have Robert Quinn considered top 10 pick and you have Quinton Coples & Donte Paige-Moss both considered top 10 picks in future draft. For a bit more depth look into Crackback's Post link below.

#2 - Lindenwood University defensive end Keenan Mace
 A small school guy but he has a lot of promise. 6'4''313lbs he does have a highlight reel but unfortunly its a highlight reel and you wont see his full story. He has gained lots of intrest from NFL teams, internet reports said he was close to signing with the cowboys but ESPN is reporting he will be entering the Supplental draft. If the Jets go after him he could be part of what will become one of the most confusing lines in football, I say confusing because so many of our D-lineman play inside and play end, and this guy can deffintly become one of those weapons that move inside and outside on the line. Highlight Reel Below. 

#3 - Western Carolina cornerback Torez Jones
 Cant hurt to add CB depth, but he is also a KR and played a little safety. Standing 6'0'' 178lbs he once had 4 picks returning two of them for TDs in one game. Has some of his HS highlights on youtube seems like he is farily fast and athletic wouldnt hurt to take a flyer on this kid.

#4 - Northern Illinois safety Tracy Wilson
 Im more than sure all Jet fans will say they would like to see an upgrade at safety but I cant say weather or not Wilson will be that. I dont know nothing more about him then he is 6'2'' and 206lbs. His stats arent anything that jumps up at you.

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