Pre-Season Recon: New York Jets vs Houston Texans

Hello Gang Green Nation! I'm BRH from SBN's Texans blog Battle Red Blog.  I figured I'd stop by your neck of the woods to discuss our somewhat friendly, somewhat meaningless exhibition coming up this monday with you guys.  Think of this as a Q&A.  

Due to the popularity of Hard Knocks and an awesome head coach, your team is a media magnet.  The Texans on the other hand are often forgotten about by ESPN (probably because we're too cool).  I'm guessing that I can tell you more about the Texans than you can tell me about the Jets.  To me, the Jets are one of those teams I don't pretend to be a fan of, but I still root for; likely due to my extreme hatred of that long haired pretty boy douchebag Tom Brady That Douchebag Tom Brady and his coach, Darth Sidious.  Darth-sidious-bill-belichick_mediummy five questions after the jump!

So without further adieu, I present my top 5 questions about the Jets going into this season.

1. Receiver Corp.  Cotchery, Edwards and Smith. (am I forgetting anyone?) how much of an impact does losing those guys have? some more than others perhaps? also thoughts on Burress... does he shore up the losses.

2. Damien Woody was pretty damn good.  Is the right side of the line a concern now that he has retired?  Also as an avid Nebraska Cornhuskers fan, I'm interested in your take on Matt Slauson over the last couple seasons.  has he progressed or is he just a stopgap until someone better comes along.  at Nebraska, the dude was wild and pretty fierce in run blocking. 

3. I have heard rumbling and grumbling about Kyle Wilson and how he's not panned out for you guys (yet).  This is not my question.  I just wanted to say shut up and thank God that you didn't get stuck with Kareem "Pro Ready" Jackson.  He was awful last year, now he has no excuses and he's still pretty bad in TC.  Since i'm rambling, i'll go easy on this question, is there any worry that your offense is going to take a step back this year, or are you pretty confident with the group?

4. Leading into my next question,  i'm eager for a fans perspective on Mark Sanchez.  Is he the saviour he was heralded as?  Personally I wasn't enamored with the selection but all I see is what's on the media.  (also it's cheating to mention anything positive he has done if it occured against the Texans' wet paper sack defense, or "Red Carpet Zone" as it has been dubbed)

5. If you had a pistol and one bullet and you were locked in a room with Bill Belicheat and Tom Brady, who leaves the room? (metaphorically of course)

Now please feel free to ask questions on here.  I'll let my fellow Texans Sufferers Fans know to stop by.  alternatively, if you feel so motivated, go ahead and drop a Q&A over at our blog.  

(in case your gonna ask about our defense, heres some insider knowledge:  Wade Phillips is the biggest offseason pick-up.  The transition to a 3-4 is allegedly going smoothly.  Mario looks great coming off the edge in Training Camp, our first round pick JJ Watt is going to be DROY this year if he doesn't get hurt.  he is looking FREAKISH)  

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