Training Camp 8/11

Hey guys and girls, I went to camp today and got to watch the practice. Join me for some notes.

Well to start off it was great to be near the drills especially the goal line situations. 

First off, Sanchez looked like the Sanchez of the last few years. Threw some amazing passes (one to Robert Turner through a window that was unbelievably small.) Then he also had about 2-3 picks that were passes that he could have made. Overall he looked good.

I got to see some of the line drills, the first team looked great, the seconds and third not so much. I'm honestly scared if we do lose a lineman I don't really have faith in the other guys to step in. This was evident on goal line where it looked like the second team couldn't score on the goal line.

Speaking of injuries, Mangold walked off on his own power seemingly not hurt. A stinger hurts but will go away soon, hopefully. 

It was awesome hearing Plax and Holmes getting behind the offense to score during goal line. I loved when they got on Sanchez for his touchdown celebration.

Speaking of Plax, Sanchez and him have some work to do. I counted two throws that they weren't on the same page. Mason actually looked like he had a little more of a connection per say then Plax. 

Kerley looked good on his routes, as I've heard. I also liked the other Mcknight, he made a few nice catches, still he is a project. 

As for returner I liked Joe Mcknight, its really going to be interesting to see who handles it this year. Mcknight seemed really good in terms of returning the ball, hitting the holes. he did however, drop  a kickoff. Kerley didn't flash anything too great, but was still solid.

As for the biggest battle in camp and the one I'm sure everyone is concerned about, TJ Conley by far outpunted Bryan. His kicks sailed a good 10 yards plus by with more hang time than Bryan's. Also on the same note, Folk has a new holder. Mark Brunnell. Yeah, it came as a shock, but seemed to work. Still Folk looks shaky on some kicks, so well probably have to deal with that again.

Well, thats about it. 

Leave comments or your thoughts below, I'd love to hear what other people saw that I might have misssed.

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