So Nnamdi Played Us All Along.

So, according to Sports Illustrated's Peter King, Nnamdi wanted to join Andy Reid from the very beginning. He felt that their chances for a Super Bowl run were greater than His Royal Rexness. Well Nnamdi, I, along with Gang Green Nation have a very strong message for you, sir.

Karma, is not a very kind thing. Karma will not turn a blind eye. It will all come back upon you, for it is the way of balancing all that is the universe. The Football Gods will not let us suffer!

I'll admit, even I, who was never high on the idea of chasing the whirlwind known from here forth as Mr. Asomugha, found myself checking Twitter accounts of all the known football journalists (minus Incarcerated Bob) at all hours of the morning, hoping for some end to the hell week of waiting we experienced. I knew Tannenbaum had only one name on his list, and would not stop until that name was on the back of a Jets Jersey, or that name was signing the dotted line in another facility somewhere across the country. I knew Tannenbaum would not sign another free agent until the dust settled after the Holmes signing, and we knew Mr. Asomugha's status. Well now, we can turn our attention to other pressing needs we still have. What needs could we address, you ask? Well after all this somber news, a bit of good news after the jump.

According to our own Jenny Vrentas, we have retained at least one Smith!

While that addresses our thin Safety depth, I suggest something somewhat unorthodox among my brethren here at GGN. My approach would be as follows:

1) Resign Braylon - As evidenced by his first two years in the league, Sanchez is very simple to figure out. When he's hot, he's hot. When he's not, he's really not. Resigning Braylon would not only bolster our receiver corps, but it would give Sanchez his go-to guy back. Try as he might, Santonio simply cannot catch every single ball thrown his way. Putting Braylon back in Green and White will force defenses to respect not only our respectable ground game, but our passing game as well. Not that I need to mention it, but Santonio and Braylon complimented each other so well last season they cannot be considered a #1 and #2 receiver set; they are receivers #1 and #1A, and from game to game it's interchangeable between the two. Sanchez can and WILL grow in leaps and bounds, and whether it's this season or next, if Braylon is back I see no reason why both he and Santonio can't acheive 1,000 yards apiece.

2) Let Cromartie walk - A number of you must be looking at me like I'm crazy, but hear me out first. There are quite a few of you who feel that Wilson is ready to start on the outside, and I agree with you. He's got some serious talent on him, and I feel this summer that he's spent working out on Revis Island will help tremendously. Last I checked, anyway, the last occasion that Revis and Cro worked out together was probably the practice before the AFC Championship. Cro was invited, but did not show (not that I blame him with all his family to take care of...) John B has put it exquisitely: Cromartie is one of the most, if not THE most gifted corner in the league. The fact that he's so inconsistent is a shame to talent accross the board. It's as if Einstein had the knowledge to discover his theory of relativity, but instead chose to smoke pot. I don't want such a poor tackler in our secondary. Chris Carr is a great option for depth, and so is Carlos Rogers. If Tanny is feeling lucky after being let down, he could even try to go after Restricted Free Agents Brent Grimes or Brandon Carr! The option of finding a diamond in the rough, while unlikely, is still possible as well. If there's a way, Mike Tannenbaum will find it.

And finally, 3) Get a proven Pass Rusher - One Free Agent instantly comes to mind for me, and after that the list drops off. Cliff Avril is perfect for this team, and since he comes with a lot of medical equipment needed (some assembly required) that could spell discount for us. The only other solution that I can think of would be to pull off a trade. Osi is a name a lot of you have been throwing around and with good reason; the G-Men might be willing to part with him. A name you might not have thought of, however, is Elvis Dumervil. He's coming off a torn pectoral, and is switching back to a 4-3. If we could wrestle him away from Denver and rework that monster contract, we can get a good 4 or 5 years out of him. The one thing this team truly lacks is a serious Pass Rusher.

So that's my approach to the situation. What you think, my brethren?

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