Lose Nnamdi, win others

The money that tanny freed up to sign Nnamdi was in the neighborhood of 10-12million a year. With that money, we can resign WR Braylon Edwards, OLB Manny Lawson and SS Brodney Pool.

Im honestly happy that we lost out on Nnamdi, because if we got more money that Revis, hed be pissed because hes a greedy motherfucker, as well as giving Kyle Wilson a chance to show what he's got. He played great down the stretch last year for us. 

Manny Lawson is a pass rushing specialist from San Fran and is only 27 years old. He wont command a huge contract because hes been a sort of bust in the eyes of 49ers fans. Rex is the king of turning Ok players into difference makers. Take for example, Sione Pouha, hes no Haloti Ngata, but hes played immensly better since Rex has been at the helm. Take a chance on Lawson, and by the way, Bryan thomas is 33 and a free agent after the 2011 season. I dont wanna be too optimistic, but Rex has the capability to turn Lawson into a Cameron Wake or Shaun Phillips type player. 

Pool played incredibly better as the season went on, and with a year in Rex's system already, he has the physical tools to be a stopper in run support and cover top TEs over the middle. 

Imagine having to try and defend Braylon, Santonio, Cotchery, Keller, and new slot WR Kerley before trying to stop the run as a defensive coordinator. Thats what teams would have to do on a weekly basis if we can bring back Braylon. Hes a great deep threat, he goes over the middle without flinching, and is a large target for sanchez in the redzone. 

With the potential money that we were going to invest in a 30yr old CB, we can sign a deep threat WR, a play making SS, and a rush LB. It seems like a no brainer to me. 

I am in no way ok with trying to bring back Cromartie. Hes very inconsistent and has way too much baggage. We should let Wilson start and see what he can do. After all, he was a first round pick. We didnt give up on Revis after his rookie year, and that turned out pretty well. Wilson MUST get a shot.

It would also be nice to sign a nickleback because we just lost Drew Coleman to jacksonville.

We should also bring back DE Shaun Ellis just in terms of mentoring our young Defensive lineman.

What do you think??

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