Free agency... What I would like to see

So the lockout is finally over... YES!! (Huge sigh of relief) So teams are going to be talking to free agents and then friday the mayhem begins.

This is my list of what i would like to see happen in no specific order.

- Resign Braylon edwards - Braylon is in my opinion our best reciever, hes a great blocker, he runs amazing deep routes and he will go across the middle without flinching. all of which make a great reciever in our offense. Were ground and pound with a young QB. Young QB's need big targets to be succesful.

- Negotiate with Santonio holmes but if he wants too much let him go - Holmes is an amazing reciever but I believe the money he is going to want is going to be extortionate and other teams will pay him ridiculous amounts believing he will improve their offense more than he probably will. But saying that if the price is reasonable id be extatic to have him back.

- Dont resign Cromartie or eric smith - Cro wants money, money we dont have and once Aso finds a new team other teams will be looking at other CBs an cro is definately the next best available and will greatly over pay for him. and yes this means starting Wilson at CB2 where i think he will thrive. Smith will want more money than he's worth i think, he had an ok post season and will think that makes him worth more than he is.

- Re-sign Ellis - I believe that shaun will take a hometown discount and if he does it means we can sit Wilkerson for a year to learn and it benefits the whole team.

- release a fair number of players to create cap room - I have no idea how we are going to do it but non essential players need to be shown the door to create cap space.

- Re structure contracts - This is for numerous players but mostly im looking at Sanchize, Franchise QBs are more likely to restructure because they are very secure in their poistion and sanchez is very secure. Revis, Darrelle demanded alot of money last season so he probably wont be thrilled about doing this but if he cares about the team then he should. Scott, Bart needs a pay cut but if he cant see sense then he should restructure, we need cap space BAD people.

- release bryan thomas or calvin pace - Thomas was our lead sack taker last year... let that sink in and you will realise how bad our pass rushers are, Either thomas or pace needs to be released to create cap space because neither of them are worth what we pay them at all.

- Release jim leonhard - Sorry guys but while leonard is under rated around the league he is very over rated by many on this site, if we move brodeny over to SS and Lowery to FS or sign a FA FS our backfield would be ten times better IMHO.

- Enquire/sign Eric Weddle - Weddle was a solid Safety on the SD defense if we get rid of certain players Weddle could come in and be a solid contributor its just a question of how much money he wants.

- Sign Mathia Kiwanuka - We need a pass rush, Kiwi isnt even rated in the top 5 of pass rushers in free agency according to many sources but his size and speed can translate very effectively to the 3-4 olb in my opinion.

- Sign UDFA - this is the order in which we should be calling these guys 1. Mario Harvey LB, thanks to Crackback for this one, Id never really seen anything on Harvey until crack pointed him out but this Kid can play football, So what if he's 5'11 it doesnt matter the guy makes plays and on our defense he can play ILB or OLB he has shown he can tackle anyone and get to the QB when he needs to. 2. Deandre Brown WR, this guy is 6'6 and runs the 40 in around 4.5 secs he runs good routes and can go up and get any ball the only reason he wernt drafted was character and attitude issues, hes a young guy and will hopefully grow out of that. 3. Deunta Williams FS, this time last year williams was slated as a late 1st round selection and the best FS in the draft a broken leg ended that this year so he went undrafted, the guy can play FS as good as anyone at the college level, if the jets want a developmental Safety this is the guy, could be a stud with some work. 4. Ugo CHinasa DE/OLB, CHinasa is very athletic and i really dont know why he wasnt drafted many had him as a mid-round prospect and when you look at video you see why, like the others with development could be a contributor i dont believe he'll ever be a ten sack a year guy but you can expect 6-7 sacks a year consistently from him coming off the bench in certain situations.


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