My reasoning for wanting Braylon back and letting Holmes go.

I was inspired after reading John B's article on Malcolm Floyd and I have decided to share my opinion on the pressing wr issue. First off, I am completely against re-signing Holmes and not Edwards. Although if we were to do that, I think it would be essential to bring a guy like Malocolm Floyd or maybe Mike Sims Walker into the mix. Imo in order for Holmes to be effective he cannot be double teamed (the benefit of lining up across from deep field threats like Hines Ward and Braylon Edwards) and I think that he won't be nearly as effective as he has been if he doesn't have someone that'll stretch the field as he has always had.  If you think about Holmes' skill set which is: he is fast, outstanding route runner, above average hands, and when given the space makes game changing plays.  

If there is no one to stretch the field, then Holmes' most valuable skill is taken away.  So with that being said, we would have to spend approx 16-17 mil. (10-11 for Holmes+5-6 for Floyd or MSW) If we were to keep Braylon not only has he been on the record for saying he would take a discount (whatever "in the ball park" means) but he has already proven that he has good chemistry with Sanchez, and that he can be productive with J CO on the opposite end, but he is a great run blocker (and my belief is that we will be very run oriented).  Sure Braylon struggled for a while earlier in his career but he has made vast improvements on and off the field..

No matter who Mr.T and Rex want back I believe that the best thing for this team, is one or the other.  When Holmes was first implemented into the offense it gave Sanchez TOO many options. Compared to earlier, pre-Holmes when the offense was more effective and Keller was being vigorously used.  Keller should be the x factor when it comes to talking the offense.  He is going to be better than Gonzo one day (mark my words) and we need to utilize him.  Now that Tom Moore is our consultant I also think that is a step in the right direction for Keller and him being utilized in this offense (Dallas Clark in the IND offense).  

End result with keeping Bray and letting Holmes go:

8-11 million spent on re-signing/signing FA's instead of 16-17 mil

Run offense will have good blocking on the outside

More money to spend at RT (Clabo, Colon or Woody) or the money could go to CB or OLB

Simpler, less confusing offense for Sanchez

D Keller is utilized to full potential

Bray is a team player and not a me first player (no complaining after games about not being thrown to enough)

Not as big of a risk at a season ending suspension 

He will open up the field with his deep field stretching 

I have a hard time thinking that the Jets will spend so much money for one position, but I trust whatever the FO has in mind for this offseason

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