NFL's Top 50 Recievers....(Lockout Boredom).


     Yep, you guessed it, this was created from pure boredom.  Well that and the fact that my we've been arguing on GGN whether we should keep Braylon or Santonio, and which guys we should bring in to replace them, which has created some controversy about WRs in the NFL..  If you strongly disagree with anything than tell me and I hope it creates some discussion since not many guys are on here during the lockout.  It would be fun if we could have multiple "top 10's" from everyone in the comments.  This was done very quickly, so there's only brief descriptions for guys that I have at a surprisingly low or high rank.  I added highlights of our Jets just for fun :)

*Note: When ranking, I considered off-the-field issues and more importantly, their current team.  For example, I ranked them from the perspective of who I would want on a team I was building, so slot receivers and deep threats won't be favored or slighted at all.


1.  Andre Johnson, HOU: I think we can all agree on this.  Most complete receiver...... Excels in every WR category.  

2.  Larry Fitzerald, ARI.

3.  Roddy White, ATL

4.  Reggie Wayne, IND

5.  Calvin Johnson, DET:  Physical monster that produces non-stop TDs.

6. Brandon Marshall, MIA:  How he managed 86 catches for 1000 plus yards with Chad Henne crapping his pants back there still blows my mind.

7.  Greg Jennings, GB: All around receiver who explodes with a Super Bowl Champion.

8.  DeSean Jackson, PHI:  He is still a hero to me for what he did to the G-Men and I like his swagger.

9.  Marques Colston, NO:  If he can haul in 84 passes with Drew Brees sharing his love with others, he must be doing something right.

10.  Braylon Edwards, JETS.


11.  Steve Johnson, BUF:  Consistently put up good numbers against tough defenses last year....he will only get better.

12.  Sidney Rice, MIN:  If he can stay healthy he is one of the best red-zone targets and deep threats in the league because of his hands.

13.  Santonio Holmes, JETS:    TheVikingsworld2)


Ultimate Santonio Holmes Highlights (Steelers & Jets) (via


14.  Dwayne Bowe, KC:  Inconsistent, yes, but it's hard to ignore his 15 TDs from last year.

15.  Percy Harvin, MIN:  Love this guy.  Bursts off the line and looks like the fastest/shiftiest guy in the league after the catch.

16.  Brandon Lloyd, DEN.

17.  Mike Wallace, PIT.

18.  Miles Austin, DAL:  Dissapointing last year, starting to think his 2009 numbers won't be reached again.

19.  Anquan Boldin, BAL.

20.  Mike Williams, TB:  Great hands and great route rookie WR last year by a longshot.

21.  Mike Sims-Walker, JAC:  Red-zone monster....consistent numbers each year despite seeing #1 recievers' coverage.

22.  Lance Moore, NO:  This guy seems to be always open, even near the end zone.....just bounces off of tacklers.

23.  Santana Moss, WAS.

24.  Hakeem Nicks, NYG:  Great playmaker without a doubt, but he misses WAY to many games.

25.  Pierre Garcon, IND.

26.  Jeremy Maclin, PHI.

27.  Davonne Bess, MIA:  anybody should put up good numbers when the defense has their hands full with B-Marshall.

28.  Steve Breaston, ARI.

29.  Jason Avant, PHI:  This guy makes spectacular catches over the middle.

30.  Vincent Jackson, SAND: Overrated....such an idiot off the field.

31.  Mario Manningham, NYG.

32. Wes Welker, NE:  Stupid Little Foot Soldier doesn't deserve any better in my mind.

33.  Mike Thomas, JAC.

34.  Steve Smith, CAR:  His speed seems to get worse every year and his toughness gets him hurt too often.

35.  Jabar Gaffney, DEN.

36.  Mike Williams, SEA.

37.  Michael Crabtree, SANF. 

38.  Derrick Mason, BAL:  Still an excellent deep treat to this day with 7 TDs last year.

39.  Eddie Royal, DEN.

40.  Nate Burelson, DET.

41.  Johnny Knox, CHI.

42.  Donald Driver, GB:  I would have him towards the bottom of this list since he's always hurt and he's practically done, but then there's this clip: driver TD.

43.  Josh Morgan, SANF.

44.  Jordy Nelson, GB: Tough guy who proves himslef in the playoffs, when it matters most.

45.  Malcomb Floyd, SAND:  Another Charger who has only had one good year, other than that, he's overrated.

46.  Jericho Cotchery, JETS:  One of the hardest working and toughest guys in the league.   'Nuff said. Amazing One handed catch (via tedzo96)

47.  Robert Meachem, NO.

48.  Brandon LaFell, CAR. 

49.  James Jones, GB:  Drops way too many passes and isn't as impressive as Nelson, another backup.

50.  Chad Ochocinco, CIN:  Back here because he is the most humiliated member of Revis Islnad and because he's freaking annoying. 

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