One way or another, I think Schotty is gone after this season

I believe that his contract expires after this season, and I think that whether or not we win a Super Bowl he will not be with the Jets after this next season.  If we win the Super Bowl, he will be a hot name in coaching interviews (He was interviewed for the Head Coaching job by the Bills, and there was rumored interest about other teams if my memory serves me correctly). If we don't at least make it back to the AFC Championship game, someone is going to lose their job and I think the fall back guy is Schottenheimer.

I think that it is for the better of both sides that the Jets move on from Schotty.  This offense Rex has built is meant to be a ground and pound offense.  As Crack mentioned in his post about what he wants from the offense/defense we have 4 rb's on our depth chart that all have the potential to wear down a defense and our rb's won't be tired at all. I think that focusing on the run game is the best option for our offense and our defense.  Schotty isn't a ground and pound coordinator.  He has to make it one rb who gets all of the carries and doesn't preserve their legs for the end of the season.  He tries to get too creative for certain games and the offense performs horribly.

I think it is best for the Jets to move on from Schotty not because of the horrible inconsistency (the NE 2, Miami 2, Packers, and Pitt games in particular) but because his way of coaching and game planning doesn't fit with what our offense is and should be.  Next year some potential candidates for the job: OC Tom Moore (not officially released but I think all indications are that he has left the Colts), Promote Offensive Line coach Bill Callahan (we lose him one way or another due to interest from other teams about the OC position), OC Paul Chryst of the University of Wisconsin (more on him), although I am sure you'll all verbally abuse me for saying former Jets OC Mike Heimerdinger, Bears O-Line Coach Mike Tice.  Another option could be Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak if the Texans don't make the playoffs. 

IMO Callahan would be a decent fit.  He runs a West Coast offense that relies on a versatile run game.  Callahan mainly used two running backs during his regime as the Raiders HC (Tyrone Wheately, Zach Crockett, and Charlie Garner). Garner averaged 11 carries a game, Crockett a little less then 3 carries a game and Wheatley averaged 8 carries a game.  Garner would be a primary target for Rich Gannon; he had 91 receptions for 7 td's and 941 yards receiving. 

The problem with Callahan's offensive scheme is that we 1) don't have the pass catching rb other than L.T. (who'll be done after this next season). Bilal Powell could or Joe McKnight could fill that role but most likely not as effectively. Another issue is that overall, his rb's only averaged a little under 22 carries per game.  I think the offense that Rex envisions is an offense that carries the ball 40 times a game, maybe even more. The third and biggest problem is, Sanchez is not Rich Gannon in his prime. Gannon threw for almost 5,000 yards in 2002 and I find it highly unlikely that Sanchez will see those kind of numbers any time soon.  So he may not be the best fit, but he is a very successful offensive coach and he may be able to produce a high quality offense.

My personal favorite of the OC's I mentioned is University of Wisconsin OC Paul Chryst.  University of Wisconsin rb's are known for their bruiser style of play; the kind of running that I believe Rex Ryan wants out of his offense.  Chryst has coached at UW, Oregon State University (where he coached Steven Jackson) and he was a TE's coach for the San Diego Chargers.  Chryst has always had a successful offense no matter where he has coached and who has left his collegiate team.  Here is the skinny on him from wikipedia

I would love for Callahan to stay as an Offensive Line Coach but I would find it hard to believe that he'll stay as that. He is going to want the OC position and I wouldn't mind him being promoted to that. What I would realistically like to happen is for Paul Chryst to either be the OC or O-Line Coach and if Chryst is the O-Line coach then Mike Tice or Callahan is the new OC.

What do you think?

BTW I am not posting a poll due to the problems they've been experiencing

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