Most Sought After Undrafted Free Agents

So sick of this lockout and analysing and arguing over the same thing. Only positive with the lockout gives the Jets and all teams the time to really research the avilable talent and target the most talented of the free agents. If I were a GM I would be looking at tape, creating a draft room type board with undrafted free agents and getting ready to make phone calls. Here is my list of the most sought after undrafted free agents that should be on the Jets radar if anyone thinks I'm missing anything let me know so I can add them into my list. (*=workout with team)


  Noel Devine RB, West Virginia
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 5'9''  -  Weight: 179  -  40 Time: 4.45  -  BP: 24
No need to even bring in a HB but Noel offers insurance for McKnight to atleast bring him into camp(If there is one) and see what happens.
Scouting Report -


  Andre Holmes WR, Hillside
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'4''  -  Weight: 208  -  40 Time: 4.45  -  BP: 11
He was a track star in college, but has suffered inconsistant hands his entire college career maybe the Jets could move him into a DB position and work with him on the practice squad.
Scouting Report -

  Terrence Toliver WR, LSU
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'4''  -  Weight: 212  -  40 Time: 4.54  -  BP: ??
Character concerns were enough for him to go undrafted, has some technique consistency issues that can be solved with NFL coaching.
Scouting Report -

  Micheal Galatas* WR, Millsaps
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 5'9''  -  Weight: 180  -  40 Time: 4.25  -  BP: ?? 
GreenBeer Post -

  DeAndre Brown WR, Southern Mississippi
Class:  Junior  -  Height: 6'6''  -  Weight: 239  -  40 Time: 4.59  -  Vertical: 29''
Dont think he will be as sought after as others my think, he hasnt been able to put togeather one full healthy year suffering leg injuries his whole college career, havent read anything about his alleged personailty issues that seem to be brought up everytime he is brought up here. But between his injuries his poor vertical and straight line speed dont think he will ever become something in the NFL.
Scouting Report -

  Jeremy Kelley WR/DE, Maine
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'6''  -  Weight: 223  -  40 Time: 4.55  -  Vertical: 42''
A freak of an athlete could become a nightmare in the slot or eventually take the #2 reciver spot the jets should have a reliable scout in that area because Devito went to the same school. Also though very unlikly we use him as an OLB prospect, but he could devlop into something never before seen at the 3-4 OLB position if given the oppurtunity and learning pass rush moves.


  Weslye Saunders TE, South Carolina
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'5''  -  Weight: 267  -  40 Time: 4.96  -  BP: 19
Not only a good blocker but surprisingly enough soft and great hands even tho he is slow he is a great reciver. Suspended last year for improper benfits along with his best friend Marvin Austin.
Scouting Report -

  Schuylar Oordt TE, Northern Iowa
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'6''  -  Weight: 261  -  40 Time: 4.63  -  BP: 18
We got Cumberland but cant hurt to see who performs who in camp. (If there is one)
Scouting Report -


  Willie Smith LT, East Carolina
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'5''  -  Weight: 310  -  40 Time: 5.40  -  BP: ??
Raw small school tackle, 2 year starter recieved All Conference Honors for both of those years with NFL coaching he could become more consistant and a great starting tackle.
Scouting Report -

  David Simms LT, Virginia Union
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'8''  -  Weight: 331  -  40 Time: 5.32  -  BP: 29
Another raw small school tackle he is a 4 year starter at LT and with coaching can become a solid tackle.
Scouting Report -


  Ray Dominguez* OG/DT?, Arkansas
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'4''  -  Weight: 340  -  40 Time: 5.45  -  BP: 21
The jets brought him in for a workout and from his measurables perhaps the Jets are condsidering moving this guy to NT as he fits the size needed. The Jets got their NT of the future in Ellis woudnt hurt to have another guy to bring along. Of coarse I could be wrong about Jets planning to use him on D, they could use him in the interior.
Scouting Report -


  Quinton Spears DE, Prairie View A&M
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'5''  -  Weight: 236  -  40 Time: 4.70  -  BP: ??
Last year 70 tackles, including nine for loss and 4.5 sacks, in 11 games
Scouting Report -

  Steven Friday DE, Virginia Tech
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'3''  -  Weight: 240  -  40 Time: 4.64  -  BP: 24
One year starter, got two sacks in BC game and lined up across from Constanzo. Watchin film seems his motor runs hot and cold but when he is on he is pretty destrutive.
Scouting Report -


  Quentin Davie OLB, Northwestern
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'4''  -  Weight: 232  -  40 Time: 4.72  -  BP: 31
Rangy player who provides edge pass rush standing up or with his hand on the ground has experence playing in space.
Scouting Report -

  Mario Addison OLB, Troy
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'3''  -  Weight: 245  -  40 Time: 4.72  -  BP: 17
Has been very productive at Troy had 9 sacks last year & 14 tackles for a loss, played both DE and OLB. I've read there are questions about his football insticts which is too bad because poor football insticts is what has kept the freak of an athlete that DE Gilbert is from being a produtive player.
Scouting Report -

  Elijah Joseph* ILB, Temple
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'2''  -  Weight: 240  -  40 Time: 4.80  -  BP: ??
Scouting Report -

  Jeff Tarpinian* ILB, Iowa
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'3''  -  Weight: 238  -  40 Time: 4.56  -  BP: 16
 Has the size and intrestingly enough the speed to move outside or drop to safety. Had issues staying healthy but has played DB, HB and even ran routes during his pro day becauuse his QB was short on recievers

  Cobrani Mixon ILB, Kent State
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'1''  -  Weight: 241  -  40 Time: 4.69  -  BP: ??
Had a breakout season last year -
82 tackles (108 the year before)
11.5 for loss
6.5 sacks,
1 interception; 4 pass break-ups; 2 forced fumbles
Scouting Report -


  Brodie Cole* CB, South Dakota State
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 5'10''  -  Weight: 188  -  40 Time: 4.41  -  BP: 16
Last season, Brodie had a five interceptions and returned two for touchdowns.

  Josh Gatlin CB/S, North Dakota State
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'1''  -  Weight: 196  -  40 Time: 4.39  -  BP: 18
Great measurables cant teach speed or height worth bringing into camp.(If there is one)


  Jerrard Tarrant FS, Georgia Tech
Class:  Junior  -  Height: 6'0''  -  Weight: 204  -  40 Time: 4.50  -  BP: 14
Discribed as a tweener, safety/corner. This guy has excellent straight-line speed to attack in run support and blitz the passer. Stays with receivers and tight ends and excels in man coverage. The Jets need some safety depth with good man coverage skills. Did have a very poor pro day leading to him going undrafted.
Scouting Report -

  Deunta Williams FS, UNC
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'2''  -  Weight: 210  -  40 Time: 4.53  -  BP: ??
Has poor man coverage skills was his biggest knock in college but for an UDFA there in no risk bringing him into camp and see if he makes it.
Scouting Report -

  Mana Silva SS, Hawaii
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'1''  -  Weight: 212  -  40 Time: 4.44  -  BP: 23
Coming off a season with 8 picks, 76 tackles and 14 passes defended and he still was a combine snub. He is the saftey we could deffently use wheater it is playing coverage or blitzing off the edge.
Scouting Report -

  Joe Lefeged* SS, Rutgers
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 5'11''  -  Weight: 208  -  40 Time: 4.43  -  BP: ??
Should contribute right away as a run stopper, special teamer and returner needs coaching to devolp coverage skills.
Scouting Report -

  DeAndre McDaniel SS/FS, Clemson
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'0''  -  Weight: 217  -  40 Time: 4.63  -  BP: ??
A top ranked safety in this draft class but his 40 time rose questions about his ability to cover the deep half of the field, leading him to go undrafted. Has had 3 consecutive high production seasons including his Junior year in 09 putting up 102 tackles and 8 picks. Some questions to weather he can stick with NFL recivers but does have quick & active hands to bat away or intercept the pass.
Scouting Report -

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