DeAndre Brown, WR, Southern Miss

Draft Preview: DeAndre Brown (via foxsports)

6-6, 235, 4.6 forty

2008: 13 games 67 catches, 1117 yards (16.7 per), 12 TDs

2009: 11 games, 47 for 785 (16.7 per), 9 TDs

2010: 6 games 19 for 284 (15 per), 3 TDs


By all indications this guy either isn't very bright or isn't very motivated, as he couldn't qualify academically to attend an SEC college out of HS.  He's had a terrible injury history in his college career, including a gruesomely snapped leg at the end of his freshman year.  And to top it off with a nice little cherry, he apparently is quite the diva and has exhibited behaviors such as clashing with coaches and pouting when not receiving the ball when he thought he was open.  So why the hell bring him up (again) Crackback?

Because he's a big time talent, who has all the physical tools to be a star.  He should have returned to school for his senior year and focused on having a monster season and maybe even get himself a first round bid.  But he didn't, and it could be to our benefit. 

At 6-6 235(!!!), he not only would be one of the biggest receivers in the NFL, but he's also a very athletic specimen.  He gets off the line and into his break surprisingly quickly and he seems to go after the ball once its in the air aggressively.  He doesn't have burn speed, but his frame makes him very difficult to cover on deep balls (or anywhere really).  He also seems very difficult to bring down after the catch, with his athleticism to make a quick cut and his size which enables him to drag DBs around like rag dolls.

I see his upside as being Brandon Marshall, but he'll have to play with much more aggression and physicality to get to that level.  Initially, he'd be very good as a possession/red-zone target, but the raw talent is there to be much more.  There's a ton of baggage there, I admit that, but there's low risk with him being a UDFA.  If he doesn't give us what we need, then cut bait.  But he very easily could be this year's LaGarrett Blount. 

Hopefully, he's been humbled by not being drafted at all, and maybe being in the right environment (i.e. on Rex's team) he'll grow and eventually flourish.  I'd love to see him take the route that Joe McKnight did last year.  Come up the hard way by earning it through special teams play, and making good on an opportunity when its given to him.  I really like the idea of using him as tweener TE/WR, where we could use him along with Keller and Cumberland to create tough match-ups all over the field.  The tools are there.  If the light goes on with this kid upstairs, he could become something special.

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