Top Ten Jets Plays of 2010

Here's a look back at the top ten plays by the Jets in 2010.  All of them were valuable in their own unique ways.  After the list is over, let the debate begin.

#10             Dwight Lowery’s 26-yard INT return TD (Week 5 vs. Vikings)

a.    The key play that ultimately saved the team from a potentially embarrassing loss on Monday Night football

b.    Favre may have gotten his 500th TD pass in the game (to Randy Moss no less), but he also proved that he’s still an erratic passer passed his prime.


#9             LaDanian Tomlinson’s ankle breaking 26-yard TD (Week 4 vs. Bills)

a.    Yes it was against the Bills, but Donte Whitner is pretty good

b.    That play helped Tomlinson re-establish himself as an effective runner despite his age 


#8             Jerricho Cotchery’s 3rd-down conversion (Week 10 vs. Browns)

a.    Cotchery injured his groin during the play but still had the awareness to signal Sanchez to throw him the ball for a key conversion

b.    Play really highlighted Cotchery’s heart and toughness


#7             Santonio Holmes’ TD catch in the back of the endzone (AFC Divisional Game vs. Patriots

a.    Reminiscent of his catch in Super Bowl XLIII


#6             Braylon Edwards 67-yard TD Catch off the bench (Week 3 vs. Dolphins)

a.    One way to earn back the owner’s respect after getting arrested for a DUI is having an awesome game against the Dolphins

b.    After being benched in the first half of the game as punishment, Edwards became the game’s MVP – first with the touchdown catch, later with a huge catch that helped end the game.



(#5 - #1 and Honorable mentions after the jump.)

 Honorable Mention:

Folk’s 56-yard FG vs. Broncos Week 6

            Franchise record

Brad Smith’s opening kickoff return TD vs. Steelers Week 15

            Made difference between winning and losing

Edwards’s TD catch vs. Patriots in Playoffs

            Plowed right through Brandon Meriwether and Pro Bowl Corner Devin McCourty

Jason Taylor’s safety vs. Steelers Week 15

            Prevented Steelers from making FG and forcing overtime


#5             Brad Smith 89-yard Kick Return TD, with one shoe (Week 12 vs. Bengals)

a.    One of two amazing plays by Smith against the Bengals that earned him the Thanksgiving game Pudding Pie award.

b.    Loses his shoe halfway through the runback but keeps going unhindered


#4             Braylon Edwards last catch against the Colts (AFC Wildcard Game vs. Colts)

a.    If Edwards didn’t make that catch, there was almost no way we would have won that game.


#3             Santonio Holmes’ 3 consecutive GW catches (Week 9 vs. Lions, Week 10 vs. Browns, Week 11 vs. Texans)

a.    Any one of these catches could, on their own, be the #3 best play of 2010

                                          i.    Huge catch to set up GW FG vs. Lions in OT

                                        ii.    GW TD Catch vs. Browns in OT

                                       iii.    GW TD Catch vs. Texans to take the lead

b.    I’m not going to discriminate between which catch was better. If Holmes wasn’t the clutch WR he is, we likely would not have won any of those games.


#2             Folk’s Game Winning FG (AFC Wildcard Game vs. Colts)

a.    Pretty sure that’s the first GW FG made by a Jet in the Playoffs

b.    Adam Vinatieri gets shown up by Nick Folk of all people


#1             The Final Kneel-Down (AFC Divisional Game vs. Patriots)

a.    First Playoff win against a Division Rival in Franchise history

b.    Let’s not forget the creation of Bart Scott’s famous catchphrase

c.    And wasn’t Edwards’ backflip simply epic?




There you have it. Let the debate and conversations begin

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