2011 NFL Draft Grades: Rating the New York Jets Picks

I think giving out Draft grades is a bit silly at this point since nobody knows how good any of these guys will be. I will however, rank the picks the Jets made from my favorite to least favorite.

1. Muhammad Wilkerson

Was outside linebacker a bigger need that defensive line? It probably was, but I still approve of the Wilkerson selection. It was a safer pick than going with Akeem Ayers or Brooks Reed. The first round is not the place to take gambles.

2. Kenrick Ellis

The end of the third round, however, is a great spot to roll the dice on big talent. The only reason Ellis does not top the list is the pending legal matter. As I have said, however, I have faith that Mike Tannenbaum, an attorney by trade, did a thorough vetting job like he always does on potential problem individuals. There are a lot of indications the case against him does not hold a ton of water. I also cannot imagine that Tannenbaum would use a third round pick on a guy unless he was very confident that guy was going to play. Rex Ryan could turn him into Kris Jenkins.

3. Jeremy Kerley

The more I see of this guy, the more I like him. He is very dynamic with the ball in his hands. I see him becoming a very good slot and return man.

4. Greg McElroy

I think he has potential to become a very good backup. As far as late round developmental quarterbacks go, he has pretty much has everything you would want from the cliche thesaurus. He is accurate. He is smart. He is a leader. He is a hard working gym rat. He is a winner. He is an overacheiver.

5. Bilal Powell

I am still not sure I understand this pick. I do think Powell is going to be a popular guy among the fans because he is a little guy who runs with a ton of heart and fights for every last yard. There are already three backs on the roster, though, and John Conner could get carries if necessary. I do not think Powell will be a complete bust, but I still do not see anything about him that jumps off the page. I will be rooting hard for him to prove me wrong, though.

6. Scotty McKnight

By the time you pick at that point in the seventh round, you are pretty much looking for a developmental guy to stash on the practice squad. That would be McKnight.

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