GGN Mock Draft Round 2, Pick 6, Arizona Cardinals, QB Jake Locker Washington

Jake Locker Career Highlights (via TDawg1388)


I got a lot of heat for passing up a QB in the first round in for the Offensively Powered Arizona Cardinals, and going with OLB Von Miller to boost their defense.  In My defense, i figured that with the surplus of teams having a starting QB or in some cases, multiple (Philly, Redskins) that some of the top tier QBs in this years draft would fall pretty far.  This class of QB is also pretty average with Luck going back to college.  Now, one round later, one of the top 5 QBs on Mike Mayock's list comes falling into my lap.  While I'm reluctant to pick him in a hope to get "lucky" with Luck next year, but there's no guarantee that he would be there for the Cards, or even in the NFL at all.

But I have a win now type of team with the Cardinals with an Explosive offense with one of the Best Wideouts in Larry Fitzgerald.  With a good QB they can make the playoffs, especially in a very weak NFC west division where the division leader came from a 7-9 Seattle...

There are problems with him though, as Mike Mayock states in his analysis of the QB;

"Locker decided to return for his senior season and his erratic performance has certainly hurt his draft stock. An extremely gifted athlete, Locker's production does not match his talent. He possesses a cannon for an arm, but he is not an efficient passer. At this point, his greatest asset is his athleticism and it is unclear if he will ever be a starting quarterback at the next level. Also, Locker has a history of injuries due to his aggressive style of play. Overall, Locker has all the physical tools and a team will likely take a chance on him in the first round despite his inconsistent production."

Some of his Pros and Cons Are;

"Locker is tall enough with a sturdy muscular build and excellent athleticism for the position. Has a rocket arm to make all the throws and fits the ball into tight windows. Shows the ability to scan the field and check down with very good touch. Extremely mobile and can make plays with his feet. Fierce competitor and leader.

Does not show the ability to consistently make his progressions and find the open man. Misses on too many throws and his accuracy can be erratic at times. Abandons the pass early and relies too much on his feet. Plays a bit recklessly and has missed a lot of games due to injury."

If he were to have come out last year, there were rumors that he would have been drafted by the Rams instead of Sam Bradford.  But By staying, he had lowered his draft status because of a poor season.  Just from reading this, he almost looks like a JaMarcus Russell, but there haven't been huge worries about that.  I think under Coach Ken Wisenhut can fix him up.  He may be erratic as a passer, and a running personality, but with a good Coach and a guy like Fitzgerald, He doesn't need to be the most accurate QB and he can be taught how to continue to look down-field.  They Cards have missed their Hall of Fame Kurt Warner, but Locker may just be good enough to replace him.





Just an Example of what Fitzgerald can Do for ANY QB, including Mr. Locker

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