Undrafted players of note

the draft is finished and i was looking through the players still left on the board . i know we can't sign any of these guys yet but it doesn't mean rex or tanny can't give them a call on the quiet and tell them they want them.

kendrick burney CB :bit small but tipped to go in the 4th round in some mocks

don Ziemba RT : played for auburn and could be a good pickup for us . was slated to go in the 5th

Deandre mc Daniels SS : how this guy wasn't drafted is beyond me . has enough skill to be a decent nfl player . seen him go as high as the 3rd round in some mocks

deunta williams FS : injury is the reason he is still without a team . some guys on here wanted him in the 3rd round so getting him now would be a great addition to the team . might need a year or two to return to his best but could be worth the wait

ian williams NT : another head scratcher here . could provide depth for our d line , not a starter but could be used to give ellis a rest

cedric thornton DE: small school guy but if coached up could become a decent player . another 300+ pounds guy that could be added to our already massive line

derrick locke RB : remember arian foster ? undrafted rb's can be a success in the nfl . he would be a 3rd down type of back but seen mockes of him going in the 4th round . could be a decent guy to pickup in case joe mc knight doesn't work out

weslye saunders TE: had off the field issues but has great size 6'5" 270lbs . has a 4th round grade because of his hands and speed but needs to get better blocking .

there are some other guys that we could also get like mark herzlich, brandon bair ,ugo chinesa and joe lefeged but the reason i didn't do a write up on those guys was because they were all 7th round / undrafted type of guys

i see all those undrafted guys as players that could make our draft look even better if we nabbed a few of them . its never to early to look for the next jet and as soon as we can sign some of those guys we should already have them locked away before any other teams comes sniffing around . i don't know if its against the rules to have any of those players tapped up but we should try and get them in to our 1st training camp to see what they could bring to the table

yet again feel free to add any players of your own below .

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