as some of you might be aware there was a live mock draft going on this weekend. 32 fans from all the teams in the nfl made their picks for their teams for all seven rounds ,and i was the rep for the jets .

i got a very good insight to how other fans from other teams rate players in this draft and also have seen how much work goes into making up a list of players that you want to pick .

the mock draft was ran by cbyers ( a bengels fan ) who did a great job keeping track of everything . there was trade allowed and all the comp picks were also included . i will give the list of the players i drafted for the jets and the reasons i had for drafting them , below.

1st round pick 30    phil taylor was off the board so i decided to trade back to the 2nd round . san deigo offered me a 2nd 3rd and 6th for my 1st and although i lost a bit in value i accepted the trade because i ment getting 2 extra player that we could use to fill up some needs .

2nd round pick 50 (SD) Kendrick Ellis NT Hampton . filled a need and was the best nt available . think he will will turn out to be a great player in the nfl and having rex as his coach should make it happen quicker .

3rd round pick 82 (SD) Chris Carter OLB Fresno. another player who filled a big need and was one of the best pass rusher left on the board ( moch was still there ) but i prefered Carter as lots more people on GG Nation were higher on him.

3rd round pick 94 Greg Romeus DE/OLB Pittsburg . i like romeus lots . great upside if he gets fully fit . i think i could have traded back into the 4th and still got him but didn't want to risk it .

4th round pick 126 Austin Pettis WR Boise St . great hands and size . getting pettis here was a no brainer . one of the best mid round wr's in the draft.

5th round pick 161 Chris Hairston OT Clemson . one of the best tackles left in  the draft and an absolute steal for a guy projected to go in the 3rd . adds depth to our o-line .

6th round pick 183 (SD) Cedric Thornton DE South Arkansas . good size and one of my sleepers for this draft . rex will find a use for him .

6th round pick 194 Chris Rucker CB/FS Michigan State. could be a good addition to our db's . would try him at fs and see what he can do .

7th round pick 208 T J Yates QB North Carolina . could become a decent back up to sanchez . completed 110 of his 112 passes at his pro day .


just looking for some feedback regarding the players i picked and the trade i accepted . i know crackback will be happy with most of the picks but please leave comments wheather positive of negative . thanks

to view the whole mock draft click on the link below

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