Some Ideas for Day 3

      Wow. An overwhelming first three rounds to say the least.  I come inside after playing some hoops and Kenrick Ellis is still around heading into the mid third. I was thinking what a shocker, but it's going to be a heartbreaker once he gets snatched before us.  But thank you God for making multiple teams look the other way when drafting and missing this beast.  I don't have anything new to say on him, I think we've evaluated him enough here, but I would like to add that this trial of his better be nothing to worry about.

     DAY 3 IDEAS:

OLB: At first I was a little nervous when we skipped on a hybrid LB again, but I've adjusted to loving the Ellis pick after about two minutes.  But still, I feel like we still have some major positions to address.  Of course, there is OLB, where we simply need some guy who can play a bit in his rookie year.  I'm not going to ramble off tons of names, but I noticed that some guys that we could have gone with instead of Ellis could drop even further:

-Chris Carter, Fresno (Crack did a post on him a while back, fast guy, can get off the snap in a blink).

-K.J. Wright, Mississippi State (A sleeper who can not only rush the passer but he is a great all around OLB)

-Lawrence Wilson, UCONN (Not a stud pass rusher, but I've watched the guy in person and he is durable and tough.  Another all around OLB)

      I would be very happy landing any of these guys, ecspecially Carter, although I doubt he even makes it to our fourth rounder.  But hey, look what happened with our new monster Ellis.  I know some of you guys might be thinking Acho here, too, as a list remaining good OLBs, but he is looking more to me like a 4-3 DE than anybody else that was taken as a 3-4 OLB.  Besides, I would be even more shocked if he dropped to our next pick than if Carter did. 

WR:  A confusing need for us, as I just don't like the idea of going for a WR when we don't know who we could bring back, whereas we could choose a position we already know needs some depth like OLB or OL.  Still, they're some talented WRs left in the draft, some guys that I'm surprised they weren't reached for.

-Greg Salas, Hawaii (He is just outstading after the catch, but can also be a deep threat out of the slot.  Very versatile, and if you watch his highlights, you will agree with me that he has the potential to be a Miles Austin)

-Edmund Gates, Abiline Christian (Simply a speed demon, and nothing more.  His combine performance hyped him up to such value)

-Tandon Doss, Indiana (Really don't like this guy, he's an exact replica of Gates but not as fast as just not the best all around receiver.  Only reason I put him in here is because he was expected to go in the late third)

        I don't think WR should be considered in the fourth or even the fifth with the obvious need for depth at OLB and with the OL.  However, Salas is such an outstanding prospect to me that he is the only exception I have here. 

Safety: I actually liked the idea of going safety in the third since Jaquain Jarrett was such a safe pick yet with lots of upside, but he somehow went very early to the Eagles in the second.  Now, this position is looking like a crapshoot since some of the top safeties are still available.  Tow guys that we have loved on GGN, Tyler Sash and Robert Sands are still available, but they can last until the fifth or sixth.  Deandre Mcdaniel is out there but I guarrentee you that he will be pounced on at the start of tomorow.  Quinter Carter has question marks, but he is also a great safety and I bet he will go early tomorow as well.  Therefore, I think safety can be addressed in the last couple rounds since the second tier of guys should be coming off the boards around then. 

Oline:  It really sucks to have a need for depth like this.  Not only could we go guard or tackle, but I personally hate talking and evaluating Oline in general.  Basically, I think that the success we have gotten out of a sixth round pick Slauson proves that Olineman with potential can be added at any time in the draft.  Since we don't have a desperate need, just some depth, I think that round seven looks good for a tackle.  We could even go with a guard and tackle in the last two rounds. 

Here's how much of a beast this guy Greg Salas is, these cover all of his years at Hawaii:



Hawaii Greg Salas Highlights 2010 (via kapoleicoug)

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