My First Round Grades and my take on the first 5 and AFC East

1. Panthers- QB Cam Newton

Grade:  C

My Take: He has the athletic ability, ability to extend the play, can throw out of the pocket, throws missles, and the guy knows how to command a game.  It's hard for me to sit here and think that the Carolina Panthers didn't get swept up in the hype surrounding Newton.  I am not going to sit here and tell you that he is a bad person, I don't know him and nothing major has happened (other than one arrest for a petty crime).  From a QB standpoint I don't think that he will live to the expectations of a Number 1 pick.  He is coming from a spread offense, so he'll have to transition to a pro style offense. He also needs to be more accurate on his throws and work on his pre-snap reads.  Given the circumstanes of the team he is on, it is hard for me to imagine him being successful.  No offensive line, an unbalanced running game, no WR's (Steve Smith is leaving), and a defense that will make him have to throw out his shoulder trying to get the Panthers back in the game. Could potentially be a really good player, but can't because the Panthers chose not to build around him first.

2. Broncos- OLB Von Miller

Grade: B+

My Take: I love the pick here, Marcel Dareus would've received the same grade. The only reason why he is not an A- is only because he was a 3-4 OLB in college, most likely can play a 4-3 Strongside LB. With Dumervil, D.J. Williams and Jamaal Williams in your front 7 they are looking good against the run.

3. Bills- DT Marcel Dareus

Grade: B+

My Take: For once, it seems like the Bills chose the right player in the 1st round.  Dareus should be able to play NT effectively. Some consider him to be a DE but I don't think that is the position that best suits him.  He has a bone jarring initial punch and draws a lot of comparisons to Warren Sapp. Not a game changer or difference maker like Suh but he will help a defense that needed help against the run.

4. Bengals- WR AJ Green

Grade: B-

My Take: Who's going to throw him the ball? Carson Palmer is not there, and as talented as he is, he needs a smart veteran to get him the ball! Great player with a lot of talent, but he needs a veteran. Perfect example: Larry Fitzgerald

5. Cardinals- CB Patrick Peterson

Grade: A-

My Take: Best player in the draft and safest pick.  Enough said.


15. Dolphins- C Mike Pouncey

Grade: C+

My Take: I was stoked that the Fins took Pouncey. I don't know too much about OL play, but I think that he gets A LOT of hype for being Maurkice's brother.  No way will he be as good as his brother, but nonetheless I think he is an improvement from Joe Berger. I'll be skeptic of anyone who drafts someone in the 1st round that is related to a Pro Bowler and plays the same position. I would've given the Fins a C- had it not been for the improvement at the position.  They could've had RB Mark Ingram, QB Andy Daylton (who I think will be good), and CB Prince Amukamara. I am looking forward to the beating the Dolphins will be receiving this year.

17. Patriots- OT Nate Solder

Grade: B-

My Take: Most scouting reports say that Solder is a project, and needs to work on his footwork and strength (only had 21 reps on the bench).  On tape he was beat often by the upper echelon DE's. A lot of scouting reports say that he is has a lot of potential. Maybe the Pats realized something that other teams didn't, but before the combine he was widely regarded as a Top 10 talent and he dropped.  What makes me scratch my head the most is that the Pats passed on Cameron Jordan. I thought for sure that he or RB Mark Ingram were going to be the pick.  What a relief! Wilkerson>Solder. They leave Day 1 with 3 2nd round draft picks, so things can change tomorrow, but after Day 1 I am stoked looking at their draft.

30. Jets- DE Muhammad Wilkerson

Grade: B

My Take: We were fortunate to have so many teams reaching for QB's. Ponder at 12 what a joke! haha. Anyway, every expert says that it is hard to find weaknesses in Wilkerson's game. Granted he did come from Temple University, so the level of competition was not too good.  However he did put up impressive numbers his Jr year (68 tackles, 10 sacks, and 1 FF). He didn't dominate, but he was impressive in stopping the run and putting pressure in the backfield.  He seems like a Shaun Ellis kind of player to me. He is very versatile and unnaturally fast for a 6'4 315 pound DE. I think Rex sees a poor man's version of Haloti Ngata in him. Given that he was the BPA, and that he addresses one of the needed positions, I give the Jets a B almost B+. Look at Mel ESPN's and's player grade on him and you'll see that he is regarded as a top 15 talent.

Great job Mr.T!

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