MOCK DRAFT 3.0, final version

1. Carolina Panthers - QB Cam Newton Auburn. This pick should be AJ Green to help Jimmy Clausen, but Ron Rivera wants his own "Franchise QB". Just for the record, Cam Newton will be a bust and Ron Rivera will lose him job in 2 years and forever doubted that he should have taken Green, Dareus, or Petesron who are all guarenteed stars in the NFL as impact players

2. Denver Broncos - DT Marcell Dareus Alabama. Run stuffing DT, switching back to 4-3, needs to address front seven with first few picks. Don't be surprised if they draft a pass rusher in round 2

3. Buffalo Bills - OLB Von Miller Texas A&M. Best pure pass rusher in the draft, immediate impact player, will benefit from playing with Shawne Merriman to mentor him

4. Cincinatti Bengals - QB Blaine Gabbert Missouri. Palmer is going to reitre, need to develop a new franchise QB

5. Arizona Cardinals - Rumor has it that the Texans are interested in this pick, in which they would choose CB Peterson, however the price will be too high. So the Cards pick CB Patrick Peterson LSU

6. Cleveland Browns - DE Robert Quinn UNC. This is very close between Quinn and Julio Jones, Quinn gets the nod because the browns are transitioning back to the 43 defense, and they seriously need to address the front 7 in this draft

7. San Francisco 49ers - The 49ers are stuck here. Von Miller, Robert Quinn, Blaine Gabbert, and Patrick Peterson are all off the board. They have Michael Crabtree, and could draft the best available talent. That's why they choose WR AJ Green Georgia. They could look QB here, but Locker, Mallett, and whoever else is considered is not in the discussion for the top 10

8. Tennessee Titans - DT Nick Fairley Auburn. Locker will be considered, but they will opt for a QB in round 2 while addressing the front 7 at the position that Haynesworth left empty when he decided to leave via free agency that they haven't filed since

9. TRADE: Dallas Cowboys trade this selection to the Detroit Lions for 13th selection as well as their 3rd round selection (77th overall).

Detroit Lions - OT Tyron Smith USC. As much as Detroit needs help in the secondary, their primary concern is protecting their fragile franchise QB.

10. TRADE: Washington Redskins trade this selection to San Diego Chargers for 18th selection as well as their own second round selection (50th overall)

San Diego Chargers - DE JJ Watt Wisconsin, the Chargers selected Larry English a few years ago and are going to give him at least one more year before cutting ties with them. The Chargers have got get younger on the D Line, and JJ Watt is a smart, high character, student that will leave it all out on the field. SD also has the Jets 2nd round selection to keep so this trade makes alot of sense. Mike Shanahan wants to trade down also.

11. Houston Texans - OLB Aldon Smith Missouri. The Texans MO is draft defense in the first few rounds. Mario Williams scares me as a 34DE or a 34OLB, Wade Philips may have screwed up the first overall pick in 2006. 

12. Minnesota Vikings- QB Jake Locker Washington. The Vikings team has gotten old real fast, they have so many needs to address that this team is now in the rebuilding mode. Starting from the ground up, the Vikes select the best QB in this draft in my opinion and in a few years Carolina and Cincinatti are going to feel the way the 49ers feel about Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers. Minnesota needs a QB, a DT, DE, strong side LB, FS, LT, and a LG. Many of these positions are still good players, but all are going to need to be addressed in the very near future. I went with Locker here because a franchise QB hides alot of flaws that a team clearly lacks (Arizona with Kurt Warner, Indy with Peyton and St. Louis with Bradford)

13. Dallas Cowboys - OT Anthony Costonzo Boston College. Dallas needs to address the secondary with a CB, and a FS. But, the fact of the matter is, is that Tony Romo needs to be protected.

14. St. Louis Rams - WR Julio Jones Alabama. The board just happened to fall this way, and the Rams need to pick up a weapon for Sam Bradford to grow old with.

15. Miami Dolphins - LG Mike Pouncey Florida. Imagine Jake Long and Mike Pouncey on the left side of the O line for the Dolphins for the next decade. That's an impenetratable wall and will give Chad Henne one more year to grow as a QB.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars - CB Prince Amukamara Nebreska. Many people think that its a lock for The Jags to pick Kerrigan here. I don't. Rashead Mathis isn't a good player anymore and addressing the secondary with the first few picks wouldn't be a bad idea. 

17. TRADE: The New England Patriots trade this selection to Tampa Bay for the 20th selection, 116th, 148th, 212th selections this year

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DE Ryan Kerrigan Purdue. Kerrigan on the same defensive line with Gerald McCoy, and Brian Price has the potential to mimick the 2000 Bucs defense

18. Washington Redskins - DE Cameron Jordan California. Need to address front 7

19. New York Giants - OT Gabe Carimi Wisconsin. The Giants DO NOT trade up or down, EVER in the draft. I don't expect this to change. Costonzo and Pouncey are both off the board at this point, and their pick is 100& going to be an O Lineman

20. New England Patriots - DE Muhammed Wilkerson Temple. Bill Belichick's poor mans Richard Seymour

21. Kansas City Chiefs - OLB Justin Houston Georgia. Scott Pioli drafts a complement for Tamba Hali, to be mentored underneath him and Mike Vrabel for a few years

22. Indianapolis Colts - OT Nate Solder Colorado. A very raw prospect, will be thrown into the fire at LT and will be a bust. The Indianapolis Colts are probably the worst franchise in the NFL. 

23.Phialdelphia Eagles -  DT Corey Liuget Illinois. The Eagles usually spend first round draft picks on D Lineman

24. New Orleans Saints - DT Marvin Austin UNC

25. Seatle Seahawks - DE Da'Quan Bowers Clemson. 

26. Baltimore Ravens - WR Jon Baldwin Pittsburgh. The Ravens need a deep threat at WR

27. Atlanta Falcons - TE Kyle Rudolph Notre Dame

28. TRADE: New England trades this seection to Pittsburgh for the 31st, 127th, and 191st selections

Pittsburgh Steelers - NT Phil Taylor Baylor. Rumor has it, that the Jets are very high on Taylor. The Steelers trade up with the trade hungry Pats and select the predecessor for Casey Hampton in a year or two. 

29. Chicago Bears - OT Derekk Sherrod Mississippi State. The Bears have without question need to adderss their terrible offensive line

30. New York Jets - OLB Brooks Reed Arizona. The Jets address their terrible pass rush with this pick, and also hopefully draft Rex Ryan's poor mans Clay Matthews

31. New England Patriots - OLB Akeem Ayers UCLA. Upgrade as rush LB

32. Green Bay Packers - DE Cameron Heyward Ohio State. Cullen Jenkins is a free agent, and Johnny Jolly is hurt. 3-4DE is a must for the Packers

Just for fun

33. New England Patriots - RB Mark Ingram Alabama. 

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