Moving Down? Deciphering Our Options

The popular opinion here is the hope that the Jets will trade down out of the 1st round into the early 2nd, securing us more picks. The question is, what trade would give us the value that you the Jet fan would most want to see. Using the Draft Points Value Chart, I set about finding what deals we can get.

Now, the easiest way we can probably trade down is finding a team that needs to draft a QB. There are many QB's who are likely to be available at the end of the 1st Round (Christian Ponder, Colin Kaepernick) as well as some who may fall to being available (Andy Dalton, Jake Locker, Ryan Mallett). Especially with the latter group, if one of them falls maybe we can get teams in a bidding war and even get someone to trade above points value. Either way, there's a glut of teams at the top of the 2nd Round that may need a QB and are therefore possible trade partners. Let's check out the possibilities. The Jets #30 pick is worth 620 points and their #94 pick is worth 124 points.


Bills (34) - If the Jets trade down to 34 (560 points) than all they'd be able to get in return would be the Bills 5th and 6th rounders (#133 and 169). This isn't so attractive but at the same time we'd only have to move back 4 slots. The Jets may also not want to trade with a division rival.

Another possibility with the Bills would involve us trading our 1st, 3rd, 4th (126) and 6th (194) to Buffalo in exchage for their 1st and 3rd (68). We'd end up moving up in the 3rd round from 94 to 68 but we'd lose to picks in the process. I don't find this so palatable.

Bengals (35) - Virtually would be the same thing as trading with the Bills except it's more likely because they're not in our division. Also to keep in mind is that there 3rd round pick is 2 ahead of Buffalo (66).

Cardinals (38) - The 38 slot is worth 520 points, or a 100 point differential from our pick. The Jets can pick up Arizona's 4th rounder (103) and 6th rounder (171) for this.

The other option is swapping 3rd rounders with Zona (69). In this we'd also have to give up our 6th (194) and 7th (208) rounders. I can live with that.

Titans (39) - The 39 pick is worth 510 points so the difference is 110 points. The difference can be made up in 2 ways. Either get back the Titans 4th (109) and 5th (142) rounders or we can send them our 1st (30), 3rd (94)  and receive back their 2nd (38), 3rd (77) and 5th (142). I like this a lot.

Redskins (41) - Well, the Redskins have neither a 3rd or 4th round pick. Oh well.

Vikings (43) - At 470 points, the 43 pick gives us a 150 advantage. We can erase that by taking their 4th rounder (106) and their 2 5th rounders (139 and 150). That's OK i guess. Minny doesn't have a 3rd rounder. This really though is the edge of until where I'd want to trade. 42 is a big drop.

49ers (45) - The 45 pick is worth 450. The 170 point difference can disappear by them giving us their 2 4th rounders (108 and 115) as well as their 5th rounder (174). The other option, which is very nice is picking up their 3rd rounder (while keeping our own and giving the Niners our 5th (161) and 7th (208) rounders. This would leave us with a 2nd (45) and 2 3rd's (76 and 94).

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