Editorial: Dear Kerry Rhodes, We Don't Care About Your Opinion Anymore

Today, "Hollywood" Kerry Rhodes voiced his thoughts on Rex Ryan's new book. He could have taken the high road, but as usual, he didn't.


Here's the thing Mr. Rhodes -- we don't care about you anymore.

You may think we do because you still Tweet with a couple of (misinformed) Jets fans The reality is, we don't. You're old news.

And it's sad, because some of us still think about "what could have been" -- a lot of fans really loved watching you play early in your career, including myself.

You had a great rookie season and recorded over 100 tackles. It seemed as you were everywhere at once when on the field. The following year, in 2006, you recorded another 98 - with five sacks, four interceptions and three forced fumbles to boot.

It looked as if you were primed for a great career here in New York.

Your tremendous range and athleticism made you the perfect fit for either a cover-1 or cover-2 scheme. You allowed former DC Bob Sutton to employ a variety of different looks on defense and your ability to come up with the big play made you a potential game-changer.

You had a bright career ahead of you - it really looked like our former late fourth-round draft pick was going to end up being a diamond in the rough.

And then, enter the NY media.

"Hollywood" Rhodes emerged as you did everything in your power to constantly have your face seen on camera. Your individual performance on the field seemed to be more important than that of your teammates.

And after you received a hefty contract extension in early 2008 -- it was all downhill after that.

You were not a favorite in the locker room -- not by a longshot. You talked a lot, but you were not a leader. The defensive unit has already been more focused since you left and defensive backs are playing with their backs to the wall.

But don't take my word for it. Maybe it is better if heard straight from the horse's mouth (per Rich Cimini's Tweet).


We'll see you on the field in 2012 when the Jets take on the Cardinals. Hopefully, you will learn how to properly wrap up and tackle by then -- it didn't look fun watching you get trampled when forced to make an open-field tackle or cheat up to help in run support.

In my eyes, you are not a Jet. You are not Joe Namath; you are not Curtis Martin; you are not Joe Klecko; you are not Vinny Testaverde; you are not Wayne Chrebet; you are not Shaun Ellis; you are a Cardinal (Louisville and now Arizona).

Good luck to you, Cardinal.

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