Who Are the NFL's 10 Best Players? (Not Draft Related, but Hey)

So it's coming up on draft time and every team wants to pick players that will help their team win. It's every team's hope and wish that they come out of the draft with a player good enough  to be considered one of the 10 best players in the entire league. The question though then becomes; just who are the 10 best players currently in the NFL?

I started thinking about this because I was going through in my head who the Jets best draft picks have been under Mike Tannenbaum. Obviously, the #1 selection would be Darrelle Revis. I started thinking as to how good is Revis really? Is he among the top 10 players in the league? This combined with the soon upcoming list of Top 100 players in the NFL by NFL Network prompted me to come up with a list.

Here goes.

T1) Peyton Manning

      Tom Brady - I dont think you can really separate these 2 guys.

3) Drew Brees - Incredible run these last 7 seasons after stinking it up his first 3 year. SB winner too

4) James Harrison - Even though I cant stand the guy, he's the best defensive player in football in my book

5) Haloti Ngata - Maybe more dominant than Harrison. Incredible how a 350 pound (at least) guy can do what he does

6) Adrian Peterson - Best RB in football. I'm sorry Chris Johnson

7) Darrelle Revis - Just ask Reggie Wayne. and Calvin Johnson. and Andre Johnson. and TO. and Ochocinco. and......

8) DeMarcus Ware - The guy is holy terror, year in and year out

9) Antonio Gates - Most dominant receiving threat alive

10) Patrick Willis - Best ILB maybe since Ray Lewis


Honorable Mention: This was very tough because I didnt realize how many great guys would get left off.

Aaron Rodgers - Even I have no idea how I left him off this list

Philip Rivers - Anybody who saw his performance w/ dirt receivers this year has to wonder how he's not top 10

Chris Johnson - Awesome awesome awesome player. He's the entire Tennessee offense

Larry Fitzgerald - The stats he had last year are what happens when you force a king to live with rodents

Andre Johnson - Best wide receiver in the game

Dwight Freeney - Too one dimensional for this list, but man what a force

Julius Peppers - Too inconsistent the last few years, but when he's on.......

Vince Wilfork - Gives every center nightmares. For weeks

Clay Matthews - He's as good as Ware and Harrison, but they've done the same thing many more times

Terrell Suggs - I absolutely love him as a player. Impossible to block

Elvis Dumervil - Oh how I wish he were on the Jets

Troy Polamalu - Was on my list until I realized I had left off Willis

Ed Reed - Maybe my favorite non Jet player. Only reason he doesn't make the list is injuries and age

Nnamdi Asomugha - The man I WISH could be on the Jets next yr. 2nd only to Revis Island

Give it a Year or Two:

Matt Ryan - Just on the cusp

Calvin Johnson - Probably as good as Andre and Fitz. Needs to have a dominant season though



What do you think?

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