Revised Jets Mock Draft

Back on January 9th, before the combine, I came up with a list of positions and potential players to target. My thought was to get a list of players together and to hope that the combine did not help their draft status. I revisit this list, give an update based on the latest projected draft stocks, and give NFL comparisons based on Potential.


So in the article ( I suggested we need the following:


1 Late Round/UDFA QB.

1 All purpose back

1 Wide Receiver

1 power offensive lineman who may be able to play guard or tackle late round of UDFA

1 Defensive end

1 Outside Linebacker

1 late round/UDFA kicker

1 Safety




Then I suggested the following mock draft:


Round 1: Rahim Moore - FS. UCLA

Round 3: Austin Pettis - WR. Boise St

Round 4: Kendrick Ellis - NT Hampton

Round 5: Kenny Rowe - OLB Oregon

Round 6: Kai Forbath, K, UCLA

Round 7: Denarius Moore - Tennessee



The format with be the round, the player, position, school, an NFL comparison to what they have the potential to become. (not necessarily the potential to put those types of numbers) Then I will grade a probability of reaching or exceeding that potential. A= can't miss; B is strong possibility; C is good chance; D is a project who will need time; E will be needs the right coaching, right opportunities to be given the chance to compete within their contract

Rules: There will be no trades. Value is not the goal with these picks.

Round 1:
Rahim Moore - FS, UCLA.  NFL Comparable Nate Allen or Jarius Byrd Grade:B

This is actually Mel Kiper's latest Jets pick. His last years pick of Devin McCourtey would have been terrific and a great find. Unfortunately it didn't pan out. Rahim Moore has the chance to be the dangerous weapon in a deep zone coverage. He would also be the teams only true free safety. He has big time hands and ball skills. Tackling is definitely a negative, but Rex Ryan and his staff could teach him how to use his body more effectively and improve his technique. He has instincts that just can't be taught, and while I don't consider him to be the next Ed Reed, he can certainly be productive in the right system. Rahim will fail in straight man to man coverage. The best bet is to disguise blitzes and have 6 in coverage with Moore over the top. I also am a supporter of Crack's 3-3-5 where we may use 3 safeties in various packages. I think this is a great idea - and I think it is a way to combat New England's defense. It could also help create confusion on 3rd down exotic blitzes.


Round 3:

Jerrell Powe- NT, Ole Miss  NFL Comparable Jamal Williams Grade:C

What else can be said? Fills a need, and he has the potential to be an immovable object at the nose. I don't think he will have the dominance as Kris Jenkins as I feel he lacks the desire to get there. But the potential is there to be a great compliment to an aging Pouha.


Round 4:

Dontay Mooch- OLB, Nevada NFL Comparable Antwan Barnes Grade D

Very tough to project. Will Mooch make it to the 4th after his impressive measurables? It's possible. Bruce Campbell fell after being determined that he was nothing more than a workout warrior with potential. Mooch falls into a workout warrior who may only be able to find a home in a 3-4 defense. That limits the amount of teams interested. He also can't start immediately as he has a lot to learn. Best case scenario for Mooch is he is a situational pass rusher or special teamer for at least one year. He is a high risk high reward player who we may want to gamble on if available.


Round 5:

Denarius Moore - WR, Tennessee NFL comparable Jerricho Cotchery: Grade C

As a Vols fan, I think he is a safe pick in this draft. I had hoped 4 months ago that he would be available late in the draft. A talented route runner with very good hands, he has everything to be a solid #2 in this league. Having 3 different coaches and a horrible QB, I was hoping he'd get overlooked. Now if he falls to the 5th, we'd be lucky and have a young WR with potential for the future.


Round 6.

Cedric Thornton- DE/DT, Southern Arkansas

Small school guy who was dominate. Having a difficult time locating information, but sometimes these small school guys can blossom with the right coaching. Thornton has size, strength and can hold the point of attack. He lacks an explosive step which will limit his pass rushing but should hold the running point of attack quite well. He'd be a guy worth working out and getting a better idea of what he could bring.


Round 7.

Darius Morris, G/RT, Temple

A versatile offensive lineman that fits in with Mike T's draft strategy. A potential Brandon Moore replacement. Strong, with above average athleticism.  Could rotate to right tackle. Needs better technique and needs better/quicker footing to succeed at the next level.


Anyways, let me know if you agree or if you would like to see a different scenario.

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