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More Realistic Draft

  In my ideal mock it centered around trading down to pick up Kendrick Ellis and the only thing that
would keep the jets from doing is off the field issues. If the Jets feel he wont be getting into serious trouble then this draft should revolve around Ellis what ever you have to do to secure him because Rex probably sees him as the next Holati Ngata. Alot of people said they dont belive the Jets would be able to pick him up early in the 3rd so I decided to create another mock that would include a trade back into the 2nd round something that is more like Mike T. From what I have read most draft sites have Ellis as late 2nd to early 3rd or late 3rd.

Ideal Mock Draft -
Draft Pick Value -

2011 Draft Picks -
   Pick  Value  Result
1st #30    620  
2nd #61    292  San Deigo Owns (Traded for Cromartie)
3rd #94    124
4th #126    46
5th #161    28
6th #194    14
7th #208     9  We own Arizona (traded for Kerry Rhodes)
7th #231     2  Detriot Owns(traded for QB Kevin O'Connell)

Realistic Mock Draft -
   Pick  Value  Result
1st #30    620  Traded to Titans for #39 #77 #175 for #30 & #94

2nd #39    510  Martez Wilson ILB, Illinois

2nd #59    310  Kendrick Ellis NT, Hampton

3rd #77    205  Traded to Arizona #59 for #205; #126; 161; #175; #208

3rd #94    124  Traded to Titans for #39 #77 #175 for #30 & #94

4th #126    46  Traded to Arizona #59 for #205; #126; 161; #175; #208

5th #161    28  Traded to Arizona #59 for #205; #126; 161; #175; #208

6th #175    23  Traded to Arizona #59 for #205; #126; 161; #175; #208

6th #194    14  Brodie Cole CB, South Dakota State or Mana Silva SS, Hawaii or O-Lineman prospect

7th #208     9  Traded to Arizona #59 for #205; #126; 161; #175; #208

  Why the trade makes sense?
Trade #1.) Titans may be looking to draft a QB and jump ahead of AZ, Denver, Buffalo & Cinci. I thought
about the redskins trying to trade up but without their 3rd pick it may make more sense for them to trade
down in the 1st if they are in the market for a QB or wait to see what falls to them in the 2nd.
Titans Pick Value = 738 < 744 = Jets Pick Value

Trade #2.) The amount of picks the falcons are getting back may be enough for the ATL GM to deicde not to pass it up.
At #58 the ravens are drafting though it seems most people seem to think they will go with a WR early so in the late 2nd they could have any of these guys on the board. Jon Baldwin, Torry Smith, Randall Cobb, Leonard Hakerson so if the ravens decide not to draft Ellis that could be the green light for Mike T to try and make this deal.

  At #59 that would be jumping over the Patriots, Chargers, Bears, Steelers, Packers and Carolina in that order(#60-#65). It doesnt get easier to breathe after that because you Arizona, and the Bengals who show year after year Character dont count with them. So thats why I belive #59 would be the ideal place to move up to.
Falcons Pick Value = 310 < 311 = Jets Pick Value

  Breakin down the draft -
Like I said before I'd be shocked if the Jets draft more than 4 players this mock is how I feel a realistic Mike T trade will go down. This gives the jets 2 guys who should be instant difference makers and if Ellis comes into camp whenever or ifever in shape and dont get in any trouble up to that point the Jets will have a much improved D with 2 players who could start or atleast see significant time, finally bringing youth to that front 7. From that I feel the secondary could use an upgrade but a late O-lineman to compete for a job could not hurt.

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