My Ideal Draft / Mock


Draft less than a week a way, The Jets curretly have 6 picks this year but after the draft i'd be shocked if they drafted more than 4 players. Idealy the Jets need to draft 7 or 8 players add depth and help fill needs. Ideally my picks would be:
  1 - O-Lineman - An offensive lineman needs to be taken this year maybe next with Ducasse drafted to play as a
Garud and he will probably take over for moore in a couple of years, but rumor was that they had planned to move him to RT in 2011 and it wouldnt hurt to bring in a guy for him to compete with.
  1 - WR (Perferably with return skills) - One WR probably someone with return skills because of uncertainty with the WRs and I say someone with return skills because most the WRs who visted the jets were returnmen.
  1 - Safety - The Jets need to do somethin about safety depth, there was none towards the end of the season but there was also a couple injuries.
  2 - D-Lineman - Youth to front 7.
  2 - Line Backers - Youth to front 7.

2011 Draft Picks -
   Pick  Value  Result
1st #30    620  
2nd #61    292  San Deigo Owns (Traded for Cromartie)
3rd #94    124
4th #126    46
5th #161    28
6th #194    14
7th #208     9  We own Arizona (traded for Kerry Rhodes)
7th #231     2  Detriot Owns(traded for QB Kevin O'Connell)

NFL Draft-Pick Value -

Ideal Mock Draft -
   Pick  Value  Result
1st #30    620  Traded to Titans for #39 #77 #175 for #30 & #94
2nd #39    510  Martez Wilson ILB, Illinois
3rd #77    205  Kendrick Ellis NT, Hampton  (If not Ill take Moch, Neveda)
3rd #94    124  Traded to Titans for #39 #77 #175 for #30 & #94
4th #126    46  Denarius Moore WR, Tennessee (If Moch selected i'll take Lawrence Guy, Arizona State)
5th #161    28  Jah Reid OT, UCF
6th #175    23  Mana Silva SS, Hawaii
6th #194    14  Brodie Cole CB, South Dakota State
7th #208     9  Jeff Tarpinian ILB, Iowa (If Moch selected then Micheal Galatas, Millsaps)

  Why the trade makes sense?
Titans may be looking to draft a QB and jump ahead of AZ, Denver, Buffalo & Cinci. I thought
about the redskins trying to trade up but without their 3rd pick it may make more sense for them to trade
down in the 1st if they are in the market for a QB or wait to see what falls to them in the 2nd. Also every player on my mock has had a workout with the Jets staff with the exception of Lawerence Guy & Mana Silva to my knoldege.
Titans Pick Value = 738 < 744 = Jets Pick Value

  Where do the players fit? (*=Workout with Jets)

2nd Round - Martez Wilson ILB, Illinois* - If he is drafted the Rex already knows from the workout he had with him where he wants Wilson to line up, he has the speed, coverage skills, size to be a solid OLB. He played ILB his career in college so he may not have the rushing skills.

3rd Round - Kendrick Ellis NT, Hampton* - No Kris Jenkins thats how he fits in, the most talented NT in the draft, Jets have met with him and have decided to draft him or keep him off the board entirely. So unless he is not on their board their startegy should be to move down till you draft him because if they feel he wont be getting in trouble then he is one of the best players in the draft.

3rd Round ALT - Dontay Moch DE/OLB, Neveda* - Risky pick, uses his speed to create absloute chaos but if he cant use his speed to pass a defender then that is about it, he uses no real technique and doesnt have coverage skills, tho if he can learn some defensive moves he could be a great pass rusher if not, then he will end up like Gholston a DE relieing on speed who couldnt make it.

4th Round - Denarius Moore WR, Tennessee* - Solid route runner, Biggest knock is he was shut down by better competition, although it is fair to point out that the whole offense was shut down too often, and there isn't much a receiver can do when the quarterback is constantly under immediate pressure.
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'0''  -  Weight: 191  -  40 Time: 4.43  -  BP: 13
Full Scouting Report -

4th Round ALT - Lawrence Guy DT/DE, Arizona State - Didnt have good stats last season which makes him the sleeper that he is in this draft, his low stats were due to being routinely double-teamed because of a lack of supporting talent. Has the size & strength to move over and play the 5. He is still getting by on physical talent rather than technique but there is no doubting his ability. Allow him to learn from the coaching staff and some of our vets, and he could be possibly the replacement to Shaun Ellis in the future.
Class:  Junior  -  Height: 6'5''  -  Weight: 300  -  40 Time: 4.96  -  BP: 28
Full Scouting Report -

5th Round - Jah Reid OT, UCF* - His size and athleticism are hard to miss, but he relied on raw physical ability rather than honing his technique. If the Jets belive they can get him to use solid NFL technique they will draft him and he will soon takeover RT.
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'7''  -  Weight: 327
Full Scouting Report -

6th Round - Mana Silva SS, Hawaii - 14 picks in his career coming off a season with 8 picks, 76 tackles and 14 passes defended and he still was a combine snub. 14 passes defended is just crazy, he obviosly has the coverage skills because you dont get that by accident. As well as his speed should be used to help him get pressure off the edge.
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'1''  -  Weight: 212  -  40 Time: 4.44  -  BP: 23

6th Round - Brodie Cole CB, South Dakota State* - Last season, Brodie had a five interceptions and returned two for touchdowns. Also averaged 24.8 yards on kickoff returns with the longest of 64 yards and averaged 10.9 yards on punt returns.
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 5'10''  -  Weight: 188  -  40 Time: 4.41  -  BP: 16

7th Round - Jeff Tarpinian ILB, Iowa* - A versatile athlete has the size and intrestingly enough the speed to move outside or drop to safety.
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 6'3''  -  Weight: 238  -  40 Time: 4.56  -  BP: 16

7th Round ALT - Micheal Galatas WR, Millsaps* - 4.25 speed, alot of speedy players have not made it in the NFL but for a 7th round pick you got almost have to use it on a guy like Galatas,
his upside is really high.
Class:  Senior  -  Height: 5'9''  -  Weight: 180
GreenBeer Post -

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