Ayers or Reed in the 1st round?

Akeem Ayers 2010 Highlights (via berniematt88)

Brooks Reed vs Arizona State 2010 (via JMPasq)

Both of these guys have been linked to the Jets at pick 30. The question is, who would be a better fit for us? It seems like each of these OLBer prospects have people in both their corners from this site. I do not have a favorite, and will take a 3rd party, unbiased look at both.

Brooks Reed:

The first thing I notice about Brooks Reed, is his explosiveness. From the moment the ball is hiked, he is after the QB. He has a ferociousness to him that I think would fit in great with the Jets. You can't teach a guy to be as unrelenting as Reed is. What concerns me, is that tackles that are more physical seem to be able to run him out of the play. they use his biggest strength against him. That burst and aggression seems to only be in a straight line. Whenever he tries a spin move, or changes direction, he starts to look clunky. Even still, he won't give up, and with some proper coaching can be a force to be reckoned with, and be our Clay Matthews. Another thing is, he will be a 24 year old rookie. A question that needs to be answered is, how is he standing up?

Akeem Ayers:

he first think I notice about Ayers is that he is an all around good player. He seems like he can do everything. When asked to rush the passer, he does a decent job, but not a great job. When asked to drop into coverage, he does a decent job. He would be the best coverage LB out of all the guys we have. What worries me is that he doesn't do anything great, and doesn't have as high a ceiling as Reed. Where it's a question of if Reed can drop into coverage, there is no question of if Ayers can. At the same time, I don't see the same ferociousness in Ayers as I see in Reed.


This is a hard decision. Do we go with the younger, more well rounded player, or the older player with more of an upside, and a better pass rusher? With Ayers I see a guy will be more than serviceable to us. Whatever we ask him to do, he will do. What he won't be, is the premier pass rusher that we sort of need. On the other hand Reed could grow into the roll of premier pass rusher, and make our pass rush feared again. At the same time, we will still be vulnerable against the pass up the middle. I think it comes down to what is more important? ...Solidifying our pass coverage, or solidifying our pass rush. I believe that no matter how good coverage is, if the QB has 5 seconds to sit back there and wait, someone will get open.

Winner: Brooks Reed

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