Comparing 3-4 Defenses: Jets, Steelers, Packers, Chargers (Part 2)

Yesterday I posted Part 1 of my comparison between four of the best 3-4 defenses last year.  That link is here:

Here now is some more after the jump.


Game changing plays are a big part of great defenses.  There is no greater defensive play than taking the ball away from the other team's offense.  Here are how these four teams compared in interceptions.

Jets: 12

Steelers: 21

Packers: 24

Chargers: 16

This really speaks for itself.  We need to have more interceptions to be a great defense.  Consider that the Packers had 12 more or double the number of interceptions than we did.  In a 16 game schedule, that is a huge number and could swing a large number of games into the win or sure-win column.  So where do the interceptions come from?  Here is a break down:

Jets Starting CBs: 3 INTs
Jets Starting Safeties: 2 INTs
Jets Other Starters: 1 INTs
Jets Bench: 6 INTs

Steelers Starting CBs: 4 INTs
Steelers Starting Safeties: 9 INTs
Steelers Other Starters: 7 INTs
Steelers Bench: 1 INTs

Packers Starting CBs: 8 INTs
Packers Starting Safeties: 6 INTs
Packers Other Starters: 5 INTs
Packers Bench: 5 INTs

Chargers Starting CBs: 6 INTs
Chargers Starting Safeties: 4 INTs
Chargers Other Starters: 4 INTs
Chargers Bench: 3 INTs

Just like in the comparison with sacks, our DBs coming off the bench are the only thing that keeps us respectable here.  In our nickel or dime packages, we got 6 INTs from Lowery, Cole and Coleman.  But our starting staff is coming up short.  After coming down with 6 INTs last year, Revis didn't have any interceptions this year presumably because teams stopped challeging him (consider that Revis had 31 passes defensed last year compared to 9 this year).  Cromartie had 3 INTs and perhaps with another year in this system, that number could go up.  The same can be said for Brodney Pool;  he had 1 INT but perhaps with another year in the system, he could find his spots to gamble.  Jim Leonard had 1 INT, the same total as last year.  We could really use a play making Safety.  Just the same, we could also use some production here from our linebackers.



Again, big defenses make big plays.  Turnovers are big plays and forcing fumbles are one way to get that done.  Here is how these defenses compare in Forced Fumbles and more importantly, Fumble Recoveries:

Jets FF: 17
Jets F Rec: 18

Steelers FF: 24
Steelers F Rec: 14

Packers FF: 14
Packers F Rec: 8

Chargers FF: 11
Chargers F Rec: 6

The Jets compare very well here.  We were actually second in the league behind the Giants (23 F Rec) in fumble recoveries.  Its one thing to cause them, but whenever they happen, you gotta fall on them. The Jets are the only team on the list to recover more than they forced.  Its worth noting that again, our bench DBs are major contributers compared to the other teams.  The Steelers leaders in FF were OLBs Harrison (6) and Woodley (3).  The Packers had 5 from their CB Woodson.  The Jets leader was little Drew Coleman with 5 FFs.


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