The Jets Draft: Upset but Intrigued

Many people have spoken here on GGN about what they would like and what they would not for the Jets to do in the draft. Some only like specific players while disliking others and some feel the Jets should only draft for certain positions. This post though will look midway between this. What sort of pick would make you unhappy (i.e. you dont like the player, position or particular strategy) but still would leave you intrigued (i.e. still excited that the player drafted can bring a lot to the table.

Below are a few scenarios that I like (feel free to argue of course)

1) The Jets Trade Up From 30: For the most part I believe this would be a mistake. The Jets desperately need depth, particularly since they have many FA's (and unfortunately due to the lockout, we don't know whom we'll be able to keep). In addition, the Jets (as usual) have a dearth of picks since they already traded some away. Trading up will leave us with much less capital (especially since, again due to the lockout, the Jets wont be able to trade actual players and will need to rely on trading actual picks). However, there are reasons to like this move. I can't name one player who's been discussed for the 30th pick who doesn't come with big issues. Not to say that I don't think any of them will be good, just that I'm not sold on any of them. The earlier picks though are loaded with guys who I think could be studs on the Jets.

Another thing is that I've always been a big fan of Tanny trading up. His success when doing this is great, while he hasn't necessarily been amazing when staying home with his picks. If the Jets were to trade up, I would instantly be really excited about whichever player they chose (check that, only if they pick a defensive player. If they trade up for an offensive player, I'd be doubly upset). With Tanny's track record on trading up, you'd have to assume that whomever he picks will be a stud. 

Things That Wouldn't Intrigue Me: Trading up for anybody who doesn't play on the defensive front 7. Period.

2) Staying at 30: This section is a bit different. There are certain players who I don't like at all. Mostly there names rhyme with Dustin Shouston, Dameron Keyward and Fakeem Tayers. All these players are players I dont want the Jets to draft 9for any number of reasons). That being said, if the Jets drafted any of these guys I'd be (somewhat, but not so much) intrigued by there selection. My intrigue here would come from trusting Tanny and Rex, but that's all.

A higher level of intrigue would be on the players who I somewhat like but don't want the Jets to draft in the 30 spot (i.e. they should trade back). The players here include Martez Wilson, Brooks Reed and Kenrick Ellis. Even though I think it would be reaching to take any of those players at the 30 spot, I would be very very intrigued b/c I think all those players have the potential to be fantastic players for the Jets.

Things That Wouldn't Intrigue Me: Once again, if we draft anything out of the front 7 in the 1st round (or for that matter even if we trade back into the 2nd) I will not be intrigued in the slightest. Just upset.

3) Trading up from 94: The reasons here include those mentioned in #1 but aren't exactly the same. I wouldn't be happy with trading up because we need to conserve picks this year. Another reason though is the possibility (more likely to happen in the 3rd as opposed to the 1st) that we may trade up for a WR or S or some other position I don't want them to address at least until the 4th (the reasons are for a different post). There are some players though who would really really intrigue me if we got them. If we could somehow land Jerrell Jernigan or Leonard Hankerson, I'd be thrilled. I'm sure there are some other 2nd round prospects who may slip (I probably don't know who they are since here on GGN we didn't really focus on 2nd round guys for obvious reasons) that I'd be thrilled about if the Jets got them as well. I also think that trading up for a guy like Dontay Moch would be a reach, but boy would I be excited if we got a guy like him

Things That Wouldn't Intrigue Me: Trading up for an OL or CB here.

What would upset but intrigue you?

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