Scotty McKnight, WR, Colorado - Sanchez's Best Friend

Scotty McKnight came up in the news a couple of months back when Mark Sanchez specifically went to the Colorado pro day so he could help out his buddy Scotty McKnight by throwing to him. This led many to think that the Jets would take a late round flyer on him. Based on various stories I've read recently, it comes out that Sanchez and McKnight arent just good pals but absolute BEST BUDDIES. Sanchez is on record (I forgot where I read it but it was around where Sanchez reacted to the Deadspin 17 yr old girl report a few wks back) as saying that he and McKnight hang out all the time together. They're practically BFF's. In fact, Sanchez is apparently on vacation in Hawaii w/ McKnight right now.Sanchez also said McKnight would "be a steal"

This makes it all the better. Many have speculated (especially myself) that it would be a great idea for the Jets to take a WR late in the draft since even if both Braylon and Santonio resign we still have no depth past JCo (and even if Brad Smith resigns, catching footballs is not exactly his forte). McKnight can be a great option. I'm assuming he already has a fantastic rapport w/ Sanchez and that'll put him a few legs up over any other late (or even early) round WR we pick. This is even more so the case considering that the lockout will hurt workouts.

Scotty McKnight stands at 5'11" 182 and ran a 4.49 40 at his pro day (he wasnt invited to the combine). He set the alltime Colorado record for receptions (219) and receiving TD's (22). His best season was 2009 when he had 76 catches for 895 yards and 6 TD's.

Here's some good funny stuff on him (from

Scotty McKnight is a badass. He is short, he is slow, he is white, he has a haircut that looks like this, his name is Scotty. And he is a BAD ASS.
Simply put, Scotty is a selfless, over-achieving kid who works his ass off and performs every week. On a team where many of his team-mates and coaches make bone-headed errors every week, Scotty is a beacon of consistent excellent performance.

I think that the world would be a better place if everyone would pause each time they encounter a challenge in life and ask themselves, "What would Scotty McKnight do?" Except perhaps when they are getting a haircut.

Here's all I could really find on him, scoutingweise (from

McKnight is a crafty receiver that runs good routes and has great knowledge of how to get open, finding holes in the zone.

He does not have good top end speed and isn’t very elite athletically.  While he has decent lateral skills, he can struggle make moves after the catch and isn’t very explosive in that aspect.

McKnight has very reliable hands and will likely have some success as a slot receiver and situational player.

At the very least we gotta sign this kid as a UDFA if not draft him. This will happen.

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